2024 Ultimate Kilimanjaro Gear List Recommendations

Looking for gear to fill your Kilimanjaro packing list?

Mount Kilimanjaro is a giant stratovolcano, with its peak touching the sky at 19,340 feet above sea level. To climb it, you’ll need the right clothing, accessories and equipment to stay safe, warm, and comfy.

The Ultimate Kilimanjaro® gear list is a complete account of what every climber should have before attempting the trek. You are responsible for having all the required gear. We also have recommended and optional items listed, which you may or may not want.

Though the list is extensive, note that there may be things that you already own or could borrow or rent that will suffice. You need not purchase everything new, which can be costly, unless you want to. If you have any questions on whether certain specific items you have are appropriate for climbing Kilimanjaro, simply ask us.

Below are our selections for everything you need in your packing list. Click the text below.

Hats & Caps

How to select the best hats for Kilimanjaro. Protect your head with the right types of headgear.


UV? VLT? What should you look for in sunglasses for Kilimanjaro? We break it all down here.

Shirts & Base Layers

Wool or synthetic? Loose or tight? Learn what makes a good base layer for Kilimanjaro.

Down & Synthetic Jackets

Don’t let the cold mountain air bring you down. These insulated jackets will help you to stay toasty.

Fleece & Soft Shell Jackets

For your active pursuits, these lightweight stretchy fleece jackets keep you warm without adding bulk.

Hard Shell & Waterproof Jackets

It can rain any day on Mount Kilimanjaro. Keep dry with these waterproof hard shell jackets.


You will need a couple pairs of gloves in your kit. Here is how to pick the right ones to tackle Kilimanjaro.

Pants, Tights & Underwear

Hiking pants, fleece pants, rain pants, tights and underwear… we get to the “bottom” of everything.


What are gaiters? What do they do? Here’s why you might want gaiters for you Kilimanjaro climb.

Socks & Sock Liners

Getting blisters or having cold feet can make hiking a pain. Here are the best socks for Kilimanjaro.


What to look for when selecting a trail shoe for Kilimanjaro. We’ll show you our favorite models.


This might be the most important item in your gear list. Choose your boots wisely with this great advice.


When icy terrain becomes an issue, these footwear devices will give you dependable traction on the trail.

Day Packs

The best Kilimanjaro packs will hold all your gear and be very comfortable on your back. View our top picks.

Trekking Poles

Why use poles? Find out how trekking poles save your energy and joints. We’ll help you select the best poles.

Duffel Bags

What size bag should you bring? Protect your gear with these great duffel bags for climbing Kilimanjaro.

Sleeping Bags

No need to fear cold Kilimanjaro nights with these top sleeping bags. Here we reveal the best bags.

Camp Pillow

For a better rest, lay your head on a comfy camp pillow. Or make one from the gear you already have.

Sleeping Pad

What’s better than a sleeping pad? Two sleeping pads! Double up on the padding and sleep like a baby.


This assortment of foods and snacks will keep you happy and energized for your toughest days.

Water Bottles & Bladders

Bottles or bladders? We explain why we recommend that you use both on Kilimanjaro.

Pee Bottle

What is a pee bottle? Here is what they are used for and what makes the best choice for convenience and function.

You can find all your outdoor gear at these preferred retailers:

REI, Backcountry, Moosejaw