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December 24, 2022.
Amazing Safari, Awesome Climb I did a 3-day Safari at Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater, followed by the 9-day Lemosho Route with Crater Climb, with Ultimate Kilimanjaro (UK).My guide, Godwen, know where to find the big cats! We saw multiple Leopards, Several Lions including cubs playing under the watchful eyes of a pair of lionesses, a Cheetah, Black Rhinos, Hyenas, Giraffes, Zebras, Wildebeests, etc. I stayed in the amazing Piwa Tented Camp right in the middle of the Serengeti; at night you can hear Hyenas, Zebras, and even the occasional lion in the distance.Climbing Kilimanjaro was an experience of a lifetime. Our guide Enoch was an inspiration, and credit to him for his encouragement for us to make it to the top! The entire Ultimate Kilimajaro team was exceptionally helpful. They pay attention to every detail, especially to safety.The food was amazing and plentiful - Rafael (our cook) even made Pizza and (later) chocolate cake! I don't think you can lose weight on the climb.Crater Camp is an otherworldly place to visit - our group happened to be the only ones there, and was definitely worth visiting to see the Glaciers up close, as well as the crater itself.I would strongly recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro as a highly professional and supportive team.
See The World
See The World
December 14, 2022.
Amazing, brutal, surreal, and epic! Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and going on safari was never something that I thought about doing, but when presented with the opportunity to go with a bunch of friends, I said yes! We did the 8-day Lemosho route, and 5 days of safari at Tarangire, Serengeti, and Ngorongoro Crater national parks.Right off the bat, it was clear that the guides and everyone involved were on top of their game. The attention to detail and to safety was great. One of the first things I noticed when we got onto the mountain was how much more professional and legit the guides, equipment, and services seemed than some of the other ones.Once we got to the first camp it was obvious that we were with one of the best crews on the mountain. Some of the other companies had less-than-great equipment, while we had good quality tents and sleeping bags and even a flush toilet which was amazing! We hiked into camp and there was a man with a brush to clean off our pants and shoes. He did it with enthusiasm and a smile and you could really tell he wanted to do a good job. I thought that was amazing and unexpected. Three hot meals a day was incredible, and our pre-dinner "happy hour" where we shared tea, coffee, snacks, and conversations was always great.Twice we had songs and dancing with our crew on the mountain which was a lot of fun and a great way for all of us to get to know each other.The first five days of climbing were hard but doable for anyone in decent shape. 5 to 7 hours of hiking and around 3,000 to 4,000 ft in elevation change.Summit night and day was brutal and there's no way to sugarcoat that! First, we had our normal hike of several hours and gained 3,000 ft of elevation. Then we had lunch and dinner. Since we had to wake up at 11 p.m. for "breakfast", most of us only got one to three hours of sleep.After "breakfast" we started hiking at midnight. It was below freezing, dark, cold, and miserable, and most of us were nauseous from the altitude. All the way up for 7 hours you don't think you can go on, but somehow you do. You're in a daze, sleep-deprived, and the low oxygen level makes some crazy things go through your mind. "Why am I doing this?!?" "I should just give up and go back down!" "I don't need to suffer like this!". But step-by-step, and with the guides' and your friends' encouragement and help, you make it!We spent about an hour on the summit and it was surreal--so beautiful and otherworldly to be among the rocks, snow, and glaciers. And watching the sun rise as we summited was just incredible.We took the requisite photos at the summit sign and then headed down to high camp, where all of the guides and porters were there to give us high fives and congratulate us for summiting.Then we had lunch, packed up, and hiked several more hours down to the next lower-altitude camp. They baked us a "congratulations" cake to celebrate our summiting and another great meal.All in all that day was something like 16 hours of hiking and 13,000 ft in elevation change. It was brutal and the hardest thing mentally and physically I've ever done. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!The next day we had a ceremony where we gave tips to our crew, they thank us for coming with them, and we thank them for all of their help. Then they sang us some songs and we all danced together one last time and gave hugs, handshakes, and high-fives. It was such a happy and emotional time to know that we were saying goodbye to these guys who had helped and taken such good care of us for the past 8 days.The next day's hike down was also several thousand feet of elevation down, which is also brutal on your knees and feet. Make sure you bring hiking poles, and knee wraps, and that your shoes fit well because the descent is very difficult on your body.We took photos at the bottom and gave lots of hugs and high-fives to each other. It sure was nice to get back to the lodge and have a hot shower after 8 days on the mountain and to sleep in a real bed. Those small luxuries felt so nice after being on the mountain.The next day we started 5 days of safari with Ultimate Kilimanjaro which was also incredible. The guides were also great and friendly and very knowledgeable. We were so lucky to see many things that they say many people never get to see. We saw three different leopards one day, and also a mama and baby black rhino. We saw two or three different lion kills. So many zebra, buffalo, elephants, giraffes, antelope, birds, and other animals. A cheetah is the only large animal that we did not see.The lodging on Safari was much better than I expected. Some of them were pretty luxurious and even the glamping tents out in the bush had toilets and hot showers in them. I can't say enough good things about the people and the experience with Ultimate Kilimanjaro. I talked to guides, porters, and employees of other companies and they told me that Ultimate Kilimanjaro is regarded as one of the best outfitters and that it's one of the companies that porters and guides aspire to work for. Some of the cheaper companies don't pay their porters and guides very well. I've heard some of the companies don't give them any salary and the people only get paid by whatever tips the guests leave which is unethical and bad for those employees. Sometimes of course guests don't tip and then those people work so hard for many days and don't even get paid which is just deplorable. That's why I'm glad that Ultimate Kilimanjaro pays their guides well and treats them well and it shows in their employees' helpfulness and work ethic.There are cheaper companies and packages, and there are more expensive companies and packages, but I found that Ultimate Kilimanjaro strikes the best balance of quality, comfort, and price. I'd definitely go with them again.
November 25, 2022.
Fantastic experience!! Ultimate Kilimanjaro is a fantastic team that will get you up and down the mountain with dedicated porters, delicious food, a marvelous waiter (Richard), and kind, helpful, professional guides with a great sense of humor. Special thanks to: Obama for carrying my backpack at the end of day 2 when I wasn’t feeling well due to the malaria medication, August for taking all my summit photos because my hands were too freezing, Desmus for staying with me on the descent when my knees were making me slow, Elias for being my super helpful and kind guide after the climb (he left the mountain on day 3 when 2 in our group needed to turn back), Festo, Raymond and Meshach for singing Jambo Bwana with me on the trail and letting me crash your card games. This is a fabulous group of guys that want to make your dream of summiting kilimanjaro a reality. They do health checks every night and always ask how you are feeling and sleeping. Be honest! I trained well and lucky had no altitude sickness, but some in our group did and they were well taken care of. On summit night sadly a fire broke out on Kilimanjaro and we had to evacuate. That meant going from base camp to summit and then all the way down to the gate in one day. That was brutal!!! My only complaint was that on that day communication could have been better, but as the team was spread thin helping 3 of our group that needed extra support, and navigating a wildfire, it was understandable. I would climb with them again!
Kristina E
Kristina E
November 19, 2022.
Amazing Experience! I couldn't have done it without this amazing team!I am not someone that is especially fit, so the time and dedication that the team gave to me is really what got me up the mountain.Every day that we arrived to camp, our tents were set up and we had 3 full delicious meals presented royally by Richard (Mr. Surprise). We stayed motivated by Augustin and Obama, and special thanks to Festo who stayed behind with me for hours (I was so slow) and pushed me to keep going on summit night!I felt totally safe and protected and I highly recommend this company!
November 15, 2022.
10/10 Thanks to Ultimate Kilimanjaro I had a lifelong dream of mine come true. It was everything I had hoped for, and more. I completed the 9-day Northern Circuit, in August of this year. As an inexperienced trekker, I was naturally nervous. The guides were highly supportive and eager to help at all times. They made us feel at ease and comfortable. They took excellent care of us. They were simply amazing. Our cook provided us with delicious meals. The dinners even consisted of three courses! Last but not least, the porters were great, very friendly, and pleasant, even when balancing 20 kilos on their heads, greeting us when they were passing by us. All in all, it was an amazing experience that was made possible thanks to the amazing team of Ultimate Kilimanjaro.
Charles W.
Charles W.
October 31, 2022.
Kilimanjaro, hakuna matata! Charles and Jenna had a wonderful time! Only giving 5 stars because we cannot give 10!! Ultimate Kilimanjaro had the best crew you could ask for and every need (including dietary) was met. Our guides August, Justin, and Calvin were outstanding and deserve great praise! The cook Nicas was amazing and even baked a birthday cake at 15000 ft! Could not have been more pleased with the porters and all their exceedingly hard work and done with a smile on their faces. Truly a wonderful experience and would recommend for anyone wanting to experience Mt. Kilimanjaro in whichever way you want! Would not use any other company in the future! 10/10.
Lou H
Lou H
October 19, 2022.
Fantastic and fun!! I am so happy I booked with Ultimate kilimanjaro, they looked after me so well!! I was very anxious to be going alone especially as I am not an experienced trekker and I wanted a company I could rely on. They made the tough moments of the trek so much easier and the service was simply fantastic! The 9 day northern circuit trek was very well structured with acclimatisation en route. Summit night was a lot easier than I expected thanks to Ultimate Kilimanjaro who really made sure we were all happy, looked after and safe!!
Zachary S
Zachary S
October 9, 2022.
Excellent! Just completed an 8 day Lomosho route following by a 3 day safari and had an absolute blast! Our guides, Richard and Godfrey, were two of the most experienced guides on the mountain and our group had 100% success rate summiting because of their advice! We were pleasantly surprised by how good and filling the food on the trail was! Our personal chef made 3 course meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner and kept us fueled for the difficult trek. I can’t recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro enough and, if you’re lucky, you’ll get Richard and Godfrey as your guides too.
September 20, 2022.
The Ultimate I was hesitant to book this since I have never gone on an extended camping trip let alone climb a mountain. But the pull of seeing the rooftop of Africa was strong. I had many questions and hesitations going in, but all of my concerns were addressed. Ultimate Kilimanjaro exceeded all expectations. I felt well prepared and taken care of. I had zero worries on my journey. I was free to just enjoy the experience. Ultimate Kilimanjaro had all the points covered. Starting with the elaborate packing list, what to expect, a thoughtfully planned route, experienced, friendly porters and guides... it was truly a luxury experience. The porters were always 10 steps ahead, camp was always ready for us, the food was delicious and abundant, and they even accommodated my vegan diet. We were given close attention with regular health checkups, and the even had private toilets set up at camp.With every possible detail covered, each day was an exciting adventure with many beautiful things to see. The guides were extremely knowledgeable and happy to share lots of interesting facts about each part of our journey. If you want the best possible experience, I highly recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro!
Rhonda H
Rhonda H
September 12, 2022.
Best vacation ever ! We needed a win for our family, after a tough couple of Covid years - online school/ no graduation. The boys came up with - have a dream/ live a dream - the dream became Kilimanjaro! Wow cannot say enough about this amazing experience for everyone. Our team leader August was exceptional. All the guides and porters were rock stars. Individual attention where needed and always, ALWAYS, with a smile, good humour and compassion. They were fun and knowledgeable. We did the 8 day lemosho route with August / Scoba and team followed by 5 day safari with Dhili - outstanding from beginning to end ! Would highly recommend. I researched this adventure - must say we picked well !

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Zachary Stangle
Zachary Stangle
October 9, 2022.
Just completed an 8 day Lomosho route following by a 3 day safari and had an absolute blast! Our guides, Richard and Godfrey, were two of the most experienced guides on the mountain and our group had 100% success rate summiting because of their advice! We were pleasantly surprised by how good and filling the food on the trail was! Our personal chef made 3 course meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner and kept us fueled for the difficult trek. I can’t recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro enough and, if you’re lucky, you’ll get Richard and Godfrey as your guides too.
Ryan Gero
Ryan Gero
August 3, 2022.
Experience the best of Tanzania with the top guide service. That's what I've been telling all my friends since getting back home. Ultimate Kilimanjaro's 8-Day Lemosho is designed to safely get everyone to the summit. The guides are very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. The cooks and crew are courteous and had everything we needed ready when we needed it. And the food?...Simply delicious! The safari afterward continued to impress. The drivers are skilled operators with a long history of studying African zoology. Accommodations were fantastic! It was apparent Ultimate Kilimanjaro vetted these locations for quality, relaxation, meals, and entertainment. It is the perfect way to recharge after a fun day of animal watching. The people of Tanzania aim to please, work hard, and are generally very happy folks. If you're on the fence, let Ultimate Kilimanjaro do all the heavy lifting for you (their website and staff are amazing) will not be disappointed.
Boris Berjan
Boris Berjan
August 2, 2022.
Ultimate Kilimanjaro blew away all expectations I had of what it would be like to climb the world's tallest free standing mountain. I thought I would be slumming it away with crappy food and just my will to make it to the top... well, I was extremely pleasantly surprised. This was like a 5 Star hotel experience while undertaking something extremely challenging. The accommodations and guides were out of this world. Anywhere I would get to, my tent and eating arrangements were already setup. The guides/porters kept my tent clean at all times, cleaned my clothes, watched over me the whole time... even waxed the zippers so it would be easier for me to open and close them during my time on the mountain (talk about attention to detail). I remember going into the bathroom multiple times and noticing it was cleaned. When I say these guys are on it... they are on it. The food... I felt like I was out at a nice restaurant 3 times per day. No meal was the same, everything was super tasty and you for sure never went hungry even for a second. We had health checks consistently to make sure the guides knew our status. This was much appreciated and added a lot of trust. The climb was beyond brutal and I had sever elevation sickness... yet step by step the guides helped me through it for 9+ hours. Unreal how much care and attention I always got. Once the climb was a success, the safari was beyond epic. The tour guides knew all the best spots and we saw all the big 5 with multiple kills too. I mean I can't ask for more than that. I have not seen customer service this attentive and this considerate in ages. Book Ultimate Kilimanjaro literally right now. Don't even finish reading this. 10/10 company and experience.
James Hilgart
James Hilgart
August 2, 2022.
“I almost died.” I was told that headline was already taken, but I couldn’t resist. The truth is due to the expert, unrelenting guides of Ultimate Kilimanjaro I was never safer. I trained hard and was fully prepared mentally at the tender age of 69, but the altitude sickness got me anyway. Some people just fall prey to it and there is nothing to be done. I was determined to go on and as long I was willing the guides were willing to help me to the goal. I kept falling behind the pack, so two guides were assigned to me, and got me all the way through day 5. They monitored my health every day, made special food for me and did everything humanly possible to get me to the summit. Unfortunately the morning of day 6 it was clear I had to go down. It is the only cure for altitude sickness. A few tears later my crew went up and I went down once again accompanied by two expert Ultimate Kilimanjaro guides to ensure my safety. I was a little “out of it” at this point so forgive me for only remembering Robert’s name as one of the guides with me at this point. We hiked for 2 hours, but it was clear the pace was too slow as we pulled into “high camp” and the descent was taking too long. Robert recruited manpower so they could load me on a one wheeled stretcher for the rest of the trip down. Heed my words when I tell you – These guys are brutes. The strength and tenacity of the guides and porters to perform this feat of carrying a 200 lb man down the mountain was astounding. They “ran” while carrying me. I know this is long, but the story needed to be told I could have died without them, but I was never in better hands. I was one day away from the summit and knowing I could go with these guys again, well the terminator said it best “I’LL BE BACK”.
Taylor Searslee
Taylor Searslee
August 1, 2022.
It’s hard to describe how amazing Ultimate Kilimanjaro truly is. I booked this trip hardly knowing anyone I was going with, the only thing I knew was that climbing Mount Kilimanjaro was a life goal of mine ever since I could remember. Our guides were like mothers, constantly watching over us, making sure we were well fed, hydrated and comfortable. Our porters were top of the line professional and fun. The food was more than you think you could ever possibly need (also delicious) and I had the TIME OF MY LIFE!! We went slowly up the lemosho route for 8 days and became like family along the way. You can really tell that these people are passionate about their work and want nothing more than to get you to your goal safely. After or trek up the mountain we began a 5 day safari and again, this was top of the line. The vehicles were comfortable even over the bumpy roads of the Serengeti desert. Our guides were so knowledgeable of all the animals, birds, and plants surrounding us. We even saw the big 5 on our first full day out!! The relaxation of not worrying about a thing was amazing after the mentally and physically challenging trek up Kili. Sleeping in tented luxury camps was the best sleep I’ve ever had. Listening to the wildlife surrounding me was seemingly unreal. I would recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro 10 times over to trust with your African adventure. These guys know what they’re doing and they pour their hearts and souls into their work. Thank you to all those who got me to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and took me on the WILD ride through the Serengeti. You were truly amazing!
Nicholas Dziurkowski
Nicholas Dziurkowski
February 27, 2022.
Amazing company! Excellent guides and porters. Very knowledgable. Great support. They put safety above all else. Great gear and attention to detail. Meals were wonderful. This company made this hike so enjoyable! They set you up for a successful climb and summit!
Jan Kuraoka Ben-Rajab
Jan Kuraoka Ben-Rajab
January 6, 2022.
Thank you Ultimate Kilimanjaro for the most amazing adventure! Richard and Filbert’s team guided our group of 13 to summit on Christmas Day! UK’s guides and porters are hard working, humble and so caring! They watched my every step and took the time to check on my health and well being throughout the hike. They served us 3 excellent meals and had happy hour daily for us. I highly recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro for your hiking and safari adventures! They took care of us from the moment we arrived at the airport and even arranged for drivers and guides to take us around Moshi Town, or to the waterfalls or out for a night of celebration! A part of my heart will forever be in Kilimanjaro ❤️
Ben-Rajab Keith
Ben-Rajab Keith
January 3, 2022.
I highly recommend UK if you are climbing Kilimanjaro. We recently climbed on 12-25-21 and had a great experience. Our group of 13 all successfully reached the summit as one group thanks to the great leadership of Richard and Filbert. The guides were amazing! Professional, experienced and supportive. The kitchen crew was incredible! Great food with 3 hot meals a day. The porters were unbelievable! These guys worked so hard day and night, rain or shine! If you’re wondering which company to go with, I say UK is a company you can trust and you will get the service you paid for. Good luck!
David Kane
David Kane
March 16, 2021.
We can’t thank UK enough for being so incredible! Beyond an amazing 10-day journey up and around Kilimanjaro we also got an amazing experience to visit the Maasai, Materuni (sp?) waterfall, swim in a natural spring, Safari, and all that jazz as they say! Also, Stella Maris Lodge was equally amazing and thank you for sending us there! Beyond that you even helped us when we got stranded in Dar Es Salaam due to flight changes! You guys are the best! Any chance you are looking to bring back trips to Peru? We would love to hike the Inca Trail with you if so 😁
Chip Peal
Chip Peal
February 19, 2020.
Summited Mount Kilimanjaro in Feb/2020 with UK as my guide service. It was a very positive experience and I have no complaints. From the front end process, to the actual trek and climb, to getting me to the airport afterwards all of it was very smooth and efficient. The guides and porters were very professional, respectful/nice, and responsive throughout. I felt completely safe from start to finish. A reasonably priced and professional service I strongly recommend.

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Our experience with Ultimate Kilimanjaro® completely exceeded any expectations we had going into the trip. We really did not know what to expect, but we were blown away by the care and attention each member of the mountain staff and every Ultimate Kilimanjaro® employee we came across throughout the trip, and leading up to it. Shawn our booking manager answered millions of emails from me, some multiple times a day, with straight forward and good information. He was incredibly helpful with planning leading up to the trip and truly put us at ease. 

Our staff on the mountain was amazing, Ezekiel and Elias, our guides were great. They were so genuine and truly caring about our well being, and most importantly got us up and down the mountain safely! Our staff always went above and beyond. The campsite was set up so nicely overnight, set off in a little private area at busy sites, and our private bathroom tent always close by. Our cook was amazing, the food was delicious, I was speechless at how he could prepare such food under the conditions on the mountain.  Our bathroom porter was a sweet heart, he cleaned it multiple times a day some days, and always had a smile on his face. 
Our waiter we loved too! He was a sweetheart and we got to know him a bit chatting during meal time and he was always so pleasant.

The porters who carried our duffel bags always came back walking on the trail to meet us and take our day packs from us towards the end of the trail, but some days they walked an hour+ to come meet us and take our day packs; they were so great! This was after they had already carried our duffel bags to the site and help get the camp site all set up.

We loved our entire staff and truly appreciate all the work each one of them did to contribute to our success on the mountain. We know we could not have done it without the help of each one and we cannot express our gratitude enough. We know how hard each person works every day on the mountain to make the climbers happy and we truly loved each member of our staff and thought the world of them. 

Equipment was top notch, the tents were awesome and always secure; sleeping bags were very warm and sleeping mats were amazing! We also rented poles which were a “must have”, especially on summit night and descending. We loved our hotel accommodations and the staff at both hotels were also amazing! So caring and attentive and always went above and beyond. Safari was awesome! Our guide Leonard was very knowledgeable and found all the hidden animals! Camping in the Serengeti was great and the accommodations there were great.

You will not be disappointed if you choose to climb with Ultimate Kilimanjaro®, we had done significant research into different companies and could not be happier we chose Ultimate Kilimanjaro®. They made our experience so memorable! Thank you!

Kelly H.
Boston, MA

I have to say a massive thank you to the whole Ultimate Kilimanjaro® team for helping me realize my goal. From your help with the bookings to our wonderful team of guides (Baraka aka Mr President, Robert, Jerome, Baraka and Justin), cooks, waiters and porters it was run like a well oiled machine. We were make to feel like a part of the Ultimate Kilimanjaro® family from day 1, and I can’t speak highly enough about the warmth, knowledge and professionalism of the whole bunch. We were all able to make the summit, and I have no doubt that it is down to them. From the guides keeping our spirits up (even singing to us in the dark on summit night!!), to being greeted by our porters into camp every day, to Reggie’s smiling face as he tramped by carrying the eggs, it was special from start to finish.

Our safari afterwards was a great way to wind down and see a bit more of this fabulous country. I have emailed our guides to say thank you, but hope that everyone back at the office knows what an incredible job your troops on the ground are doing. Lots of people want to know about the trip and we are recommending Ultimate Kilimanjaro® without hesitation.

Brigid C.
Auckland, New Zealand

I took the 8-day Lemosho route with Ultimate Kilimanjaro® from 21 Feb – 1 Mar this year and I have to say it was one of the best experience s of my life. The mountain was great, but the company and its guides were what made it a breeze.

I arrived at Kilimanjaro airport (JRO) with my buddy and an Ultimate Kilimanjaro® rep was there to pick us up and bring us to the Stella Maris hotel. The hotel was a great selection, it has a great view of the mountain on one side and the guides waited for us to have our bags dropped off before bringing us into the briefing even though we arrived later than the rest of our group.

The pre-brief was low threat, provided extra equipment for us (if needed) and thorough. Baracka explained the whole trip to us, where we will be daily, what we will expect and was always laughing and smiling which put us all at ease.

The ride from Moshi to the west side of the mountain was 3-4 hours, but it was entertaining the entire way. Only complaint here is to get music videos that are not Backstreet Boys! Same 4 videos on replay.

On the mountain, we were always kept informed and food, drinks and snacks were always provided for. After the second day, the guides, cook and waiters felt like family. The porters were not as interactive with me as they were with others. They focused on helping out the females which is not an issue since we were both military. This cycle continued until day 6 and the entire time the hikes were fun, well-paced and entertaining.

On summit night, my buddy experienced AMS and could not continue. One of the guides were smart and strong enough to stop him from continuing onwards and walked him two camps down to the final descent camp. Great call, some of the other companies had guides that just sat clients on the rocks, gave oxygen and then told them to continue climbing. We felt comfortable the whole time. I would highly recommend Ultimate Killimanjaro® to anyone that is interested in climbing the mountain. .

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Caleb Lin
US Army

I had no idea what to expect when I signed up for this adventure. I have no hesitation in stating that my experience was extremely positive. I always felt like I was in good hands. The guides were highly motivational. On summit day, there were times when I thought I couldn’t carry on – I know that the guides’ positive attitude and encouraging words kept me going. I couldn’t believe the level of orchestration that goes into getting a group to successfully summit. The porters are simply extraordinary. To be able to wake up in the morning, pack up my things and know that I can roll into camp that evening and have everything ready and waiting for me made the whole experience so comfortable. I was elated to be met by my tent person every afternoon. The lead guide, Robert, was highly skilled at managing our group and he did so with a perfect balance of discipline and humor.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro®. The attention to detail was impressive and I felt fully informed from start to finish.

Lynn J.
Calgary, Canada

I spent a long time on the internet prior to the trip trying to decide which company to climb Kilimanjaro with. I chose Ultimate Kilimanjaro® mainly because they are affiliated with KPAP – and whilst Ultimate Kilimanjaro® may be on the more expensive scale of climbs I believe that you SEE where your money goes 100%. There was not one thing missing or askew in my whole experience. Everything was well organised from my initial contact with Shawn to the final ascent and descent with the guides on the mountain. So much I wish I knew before hand… here are some of the most important things I remember/suggest:

* The guides were amazing. They make the trip and I can safely say that what I will remember most is our incomparable guides August, Evance, Stanley, Medard and Nicho.

* The porters are the hardest working people on the mountain. Notice and appreciate them. In my opinion after looking at all different companies porters I could see a difference between the Ultimate Kilimanjaro® porters and the other companies. They (Ultimate Kilimanjaro® porters) are clothed well, fed well, trust worthy and judging by the laughter and conversations at night and in the afternoon happy as well. Be certain to take lollies/sweets to share with them or to hand it to them as they pass you on the trail carrying your equipment.

* My partner and I are vegetarians and we were NEVER hungry. The chef fed us so much variety and, to be honest, so much food. He even managed to bake me a cake for my Birthday – unbelievable. The food is excellent quality and I have never eaten so well so consistently.

* You end up thinking and focusing only on the summit – I forgot that after ascending I would need to descend…and it hurts so much more. Be prepared for Summit night – descent day to be the longest day ever.

* We started with a group of 11 doing the Northern Circuit (9 days total with Full moon on Summit Night). I chose the longest route intentionally as I wanted the best chance of acclimatising. Even with that on our side only 9 of us summited – with one of us needing to be evacuated off the mountain. Altitude sickness doesn’t discriminate – listen to the guides and be honest with them about how you are feeling. They know best and will make everyone’s health their priority.

* If staying at Stella Maris Lodge perhaps consider buying some stationary and toys (soccer balls are most popular) for the school. The teachers and students appreciate anything that is donated.

* Carry the maximum amount of tip money suggested – that way you won’t be short just in case. Also on the money front a little TSH (Tanzanian Shilling) doesn’t go astray for the days pre and post climb – you can get by on US dollars but if you want change from something using TSH is best.

I cannot recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro® enough. Everything was provided for and to a very high standard.

L. Leong.
Perth, Australia

Mount Meru is a great pre-climb before Kilimanjaro. But it is not just a ‘practice’ or ‘warm-up’ climb by any means. It’s a total ‘immersion’ climb and before you know it you are in your huts up to 8,200 ft (day 1) and 11,700 ft (day 2) waking up for your midnight ascent to 14,900 ft. And, good luck with the steepest descent conditions ever! Yes it will definitely get your legs in shape for whatever is demanded from you when you get to Kilimanjaro. No question that this is is one of the best scenic mountain climbs you will ever make including spectacular views from the peak and the 1st hut of your next climb up Kilimanjaro. I totally recommend Meru if you can make the time but be sure to take a 2-day rest between Meru and Kili.

The Guides (August, Richard, Deus, Medad, Joseph) did a superb job on Mount Mer and on our 9-day Northern Route on Kilimanjaro in mid February. This route is by far the most scenic and gives the broadest experience of the mountain from so may different vantage points while at the same time maximizing chances of a successful climb because of the acclimatization benefits. Each day was well planned out and the guides were very careful in briefing us beforehand of what to expect and how to prepare for that day. The guides exceeded the varying needs of our group of 11, and whenever requested they adjusted to our individual requirements particularly on the night of the formidable ascent to the peak combined with the equally challenging descent. The food was fantastic throughout the trip thanks to Paul, Wilium and his assistants and the butlers (the hot tasty soups each day after a long hard climb were a blessing…oh and the Nutella went down very well with banana fritters). All the porters were very polite and friendly – thanks to them all. An adventure to be cherished forever!

Mukesh P.
Pittsford, NY

I can’t praise the guides, chefs and porters enough. Everything was perfect. Tent and sleeping bag (which I rented) were in great condition, warm and were always prepared when we got to camp each day.

Every aspect of Ultimate Kilimanjaro® I found to be of the highest quality. From start to finish, every detail was planned for and executed with precision. I would highly recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro® to anyone considering climbing Kili.

Patrick N.
London, England

The experience with Ultimate Kilimanjaro® was more then I could have ever imagined. The staff was amazing and took care of our group tremendously. Everyone was treated individually, and each guide did their part to make sure we finished our climb safely and successfully.

Not only did we have a great team of climbers, we had the best staff of guides, porters, and cooks. They truly made the experience one to remember. One of our teammates had a birthday on the trip, and the cook managed to make a cake at high altitude, frosted and decorated! Our food was amazing, we were stuffed at every meal. Every guides attitudes were upbeat and kept the entire group in good mood, even on the worst days. I would absolutely recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro® to anyone looking to climb, they are worth every penny and far surpass other guide companies on the mountain!

Jessica C.
Groton, CT

I can’t begin to compliment your organization too much. The coordination, service, and friendliness of everyone far exceeded my expectations.

Robert Page
Chagrin Falls, OH

Although I have nothing to compare it to, I thought Abraham and the other guides were informed, professional, available for questions, kind and supportive. I was very impressed by them and feel they were an integral part in my ability to reach the summit. I am very grateful to them all.

I am extremely satisfied with Ultimate Kilimanjaro®. I have already recommended you to several people.

Tanya G.
Teaneck, NJ

Our guides were Deuss, Baraka, Calvin, and Elias. They were all fantastic because they were friendly and professional. Time on the trail passed quickly because they would make conversation, and they checked on us regularly to see how we were handling the climb.

My personal porter, Emmanuel, was also great. He greeted me each day as I came into camp and he made sure my tent was set up and comfortable.

The tents used by your company are excellent. They are spacious and warm. The Stella Maris Lodge was a great place to stay. The staff were friendly and the rooms were cozy. I also liked their connection to the neighboring school

I had a wonderful experience with Ultimate Kilimanjaro®. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to climb Kili. The staff’s level of care and professional was especially appreciated because it was nice to know my safety and well-being was always a top priority for them. Additionally, the staff was always a pleasure to be around, which made the climb that much more enjoyable.

Joe K.
Lorain, OH

I really can’t speak highly enough about our experience with Ultimate Kilimanjaro®. Our guides, Abraham and Deo, were like the walking version of google with their knowledge about the plant life, animal life, culture, and languages. They were funny, personable, and caring. James, our cook, was incredible. I have a dietary restriction and never had a problem with any of the meals. They were always flavorful, filling, and different. And, our waiter was good about making sure we ate enough. The porters were a riot–very friendly–and we felt like we became a big family. They taught us Swahili, card games, and were always checking to make sure we were okay. Really, I only have positive things to say about our time on the mountain.

I would recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro® to anyone. The staff was not only competent, but also incredibly friendly. When returning from the summit, some of our crew walked up to meet us, just to congratulate us on reaching the summit. They welcomed us into their group, which made the hike even more memorable. I really can’t speak highly enough of your organization–we had the best time.

Christina K.
Annapolis, MD

I spent months researching trek companies and settled on Ultimate Kilimanjaro because of the walking schedule/acclimatisation opportunities and the emphasis on looking after porters. The experience was way better than I anticipated. As a solo female traveller I felt safe at all times and the guides made sure that I knew I could ask them for anything.

Baraka, Robert, Jerome, Justin and Baraka are a great team. We had illness and self doubt, but the boys got every single one of us safely up and down the mountain. 

Summit night was when the guys showed us just how good they are. A little bit of dancing, a whole lot of singing, and always smiling. Robert could have another career as a Hype Man, it seemed like he sang and danced for hours keeping us entertained/distracted. 

I also want to give a special mention to Leonard and Innocent who were our waiters. I’m an on time/early kind of person so I would often get in the way of the boys when they were setting up the tent. They were always happy to have a chat and even sang to us. They even took the time and effort to create fancy napkin folds for us every meal

Kirsty R.
Melbourne, Australia

“As advertised” – Having spent a lot of time on your website going over the details of the climb, upon arrival and getting going everything felt very familiar. The trip followed what was described on your site to a ‘T’ and it was just a matter of saddling up and doing it. You guys run a great operation on Kili (and safari too) and I will definitely recommend your company to anyone I know who is interested in this experience.

Timothy F.
Long Beach, CA

The guide and assistant guides were all excellent. Highly skilled and each capable of being a lead guide. All were fun, professional and knowledgeable. They made the climb enjoyable and safe. I would highly recommend to others and will take my son when he reaches 16 years old.

The safari was fantastic. The tents on the Serengeti were excellent and a great experience. Abdullah is a legendary driver and placed us in the best positions for viewing the wildlife. He made the safari 100% better.

Thanks for the excellent trip. My wife and I had the best time on mountain and safari. We qill surely recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro® to others in Australia. Hope you like the photo hahahahaha.

Pete G.

This experience far exceeded my already high expectations. The team of support crew were outstanding. All of our six guides, Ronnie, Filbert, Simon, Jackson, Calvin and Godfrey were attentive, knowledgeable and extremely supportive. I believe that without their constant support some group members would not have made it to the top. They also care for the mountain by constantly picking up any litter left lying around. They appear to genuinely love it and are great ambassadors. The food was outstanding – thanks William – just too much of it!! The support staff from the waiters to the toilet guy to the tent supervisors to the porters all made this an experience never to be forgotten. I cannot express how much I enjoyed this trip!

Thank you for what was truly a once in a lifetime experience. I was very pleased to learn the focus on social responsibility that is highlighted on your website is translated into action in Tanzania. It was clear from speaking to many of the support staff that Ultimate Kilimanjaro® walks the talk when it comes to its staff on the ground! Keep up the good work. 

Karen F.
Carwoola, Australia

We were so happy that we chose Ultimate Kilimanjaro®. I was able to see why they have wonderful statistics on summiting. Every staff member was totally dedicated to helping us, and we absolutely felt that everyone would have done anything possible to help us summit. I was also very impressed with the follow up after the certificate dedication, once we were back at the hotel, and one of the staff members asked us why did we leave some food, that the cook had told him so, and wondered if anything was wrong…. We were all astounded… Because we loved the food. We just said that there was a lot! We had three great meals a day and the staff was very good about making sure we had everything we needed in the dining tent. Thank you Ultimate Kilimanjaro® for a wonderful trip and for getting us to the top. Yes I know that it’s all about the journey, not the destination… And it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s how you play the game… But let’s be frank, and let’s get real… We all really wanted to summit… And we did! And we had a wonderful time while doing so… We will all remember this trip for the rest of our lives. And I have shared everything including all of the good things about Ultimate Kilimanjaro® already with so many people. You are my go to for a guided tour. Thank you! 

Juli J.
New Orleans, LA

Staff was unbelievably good . Very kind, helpful and professional group. Porters were particularly helpful. I have recommended your company to several people since my return. 

Dan P.
Doha, Qatar

Our time in Tanzania was great and our guide Festo and the rest of the crew were amazing during our climb. The food was wonderful a and abundant and the crew made us feel really important. Their interaction with us made the trip more interesting and we couldn’t have succeeded without their help. Thomas the waiter was great about teaching us Swahili and Augusto our lead porter took great care with set up each day. I am still amazed at the way this group of men took such good care of us. They even sang to us on our last night as a celebration of our making it to the top, it was so fun at a time when we were totally exhausted. 

Angela and Scott S.
Houston, TX

All of the staff who supported us on our trek were truly exceptional. They were extremely friendly, helpful and professional. They exceeded my expectations in every respect. From the porters to the cooks to the guides, I couldn’t fault any of them! I had the most amazing experience and can’t thank Ultimate Kilimanjaro® enough! The only part I didn’t like was saying goodbye at the end!

Gayle L.
Sandy, UT

I have done some other international treks, and Kilimanjaro was one of the hardest climbs I’ve ever done. I felt very well taken care of on the mountain, and appreciate the safety measures that Ultimate Kilimanjaro® has in place, i.e. daily HR and oxygen saturation measurements. I felt that not only the guides, but the cook, waiter and porters watched out for us. I have already recommended Ultimate Kilimanjaro® to others that have an interest in the climb. Thank you for an adventure and an experience of a lifetime!

Lori S.
Austin, TX

I frequently travel internationally and can be quite critical when it comes to reviewing and rating of trips. However, I have to state unequivocally here, the trip exceeded my expectations in every way; from the smooth airport transfers, to the great safari driver (Donald), to the guides on the Mountain (Richard and August). Overall, the organization was flawless and it was a great experience all around. The food, within the restriction the culinary staff had to deal with, was outstanding. We were served hot-cooked breakfasts, lunches and dinners every day. The quality and taste of the food was very good. I have to commend the chef and his assistant. The waiters were great and Emanuel, the main waiter, put a smile on everyone’s face every morning when he came into the mess tent to let us know what we were going to have for breakfast. 

The dealings with the US office during the booking process were very efficient. I was able to book the entire trip (Mount Kilimanjaro and a 3-day safari), the the exchange of about 4 or 5 e-mail messages.

I highly recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro® to anyone who considers summiting the mountain and/or wants to do a safari in Tanzania.

Othmar H.
Miami, FL

Staff was great, but more than we needed. Were I to do this again, or if I had known, I would have requested fewer luxuries. However, the experience was great – once in a lifetime.

Galina H.
Sandy, UT

Our guides, Freddy and Eli, were very competent, knowledgeable, and friendly. They really helped encourage and reassure us, especially at the toughest and most miserable parts of the climb. The rest of the team was excellent as well, and the food was great. The porters were as helpful as could be, and always had everything set up by the time we got there.

Overall, I am very happy with my trip. I am glad we went with Ultimate Kilimanjaro®, and I will definitely recommend your company to any friends interested in climbing Kili in the future.

Justin R.
West Virginia

I plan to send at least two groups your way. I would only recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro® to anyone, warning them…of course… that the only really hard day is summit day…and it is a very long day but so worth it. Builds character. THANK YOU!

Domino I.
Raleigh, NC

Thanks for a fantastic experience, right from my first contact with Shawn, it has been a very easy and friendly experience. Shawn answered all my questions quickly and was more than happy to give me time while we sorted out our travel plans. We were met by Exaud our safari driver on time as planned and he was brilliant on our Safari. Then the Ultimate Kilimanjaro® crew in Moshi for our trek were also brilliant, right from the briefing until beers at the end of our trek. All the guides/porters were great, friendly and very caring and making sure we were feeling at our best at all times. I felt completely safe under their guidance. It’s been a great experience and I would have no hesitation in recommending Ultimate Kilimanjaro® for a safari/trek and if anyone has any questions I would be happy to answer them.

Thanks again to your team it was a trip of a lifetime and made very easy by your company

Rudi S.
New Zealand

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves both while trekking up Kilimanjaro and relaxing on safari. This was a once in a lifetime trip and I’m glad we chose Ultimate Kilimanjaro as our guide company. I have already referred Ult. Kili. to others who are planning a trip to Kilimanjaro and will continue to do so in the future. We would like to thank you for making our Honeymoon and 1-year Anniversary a very special and unique adventure and for memories that will last a lifetime!

Michael S.
Los Angeles, CA

The guides and porters and cook were all incredible. They made the trip even better. They interacted with us the whole time and were friendly and warm. I’ll definitely recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro® to my friends! Thanks for an incredible climb, it was the highlight of my travels.

Ryan L.
Philadelphia, PA

Great time. Guides and cooks were excellent. Everyone bonded well.

I will recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro® to friends.

Chris B.
Fort Worth, TX

Absolutely brilliant staff who were always friendly and approachable. They went out of their way to help, and make you feel looked after. Nickson was a great source of information, and went out of his way to find animals we wanted to see. Stella Maris team were so friendly and attentive! Found the Serengeti camping amazing, but what let it down was not having any cold beers, and only enough to have a couple. Would recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro® to others, and would use them again. From booking, to arriving, to climbing, to leaving, it was all professional and easy. Couldn’t ask for more!

Kirsty D.
Auckland, New Zealand

Great staff. They worked very hard and making our Kilimanjaro experience unbelievable. Abraham was very knowledgeable and extremely smart. He planned the ascent perfectly and we reached the summit at sunrise. Ultimate Kilimanjaro® is a great company. Would highly recommend them to anyone planning on climbing Kilimanjaro. Everything went very smoothly and we always felt well taken care of and safe.

Lynn L.
Montreal, Canada

I was blown away by the entire production every single day and the people who worked for Ultimate Kilimanjaro®. They are so hard working, so selfless, so helpful, always smiling. I can’t say enough about the entire experience and everything that was provided for us from start to finish. We were always well informed, kept up to speed and cared for. I felt very trusting of Ultimate Kilimanjaro® and always safe. Each employee worked tirelessly to help in any way they could and to continuously assure us that they were there for us and for our safety and to ensure that we made the summit in good condition. 

The climbing guides provided a great balance of honesty about the difficulty of our journey and the excitement of it. They were very attentive in answering questions each evening before our next day’s hike and laying out everything we needed to know. They were an unbelievable support system and with us the entire time. The health checks were thorough and genuine. Our lead guide, Ezekiel, was very friendly. We spent a lot of time talking with them about family and culture, economies etc. He was incredibly well-versed in all the geography, the history, the trails, and the biodiversity of the mountain and was a a wealth of information; a pleasure to talk to and interact with. 

The chef was beyond impressive. There was always more than enough food and it was high quality and very good. Always a variety. A beautiful presentation. I couldn’t believe it. We honestly had a tough time finding the words to try to express our gratitude accurately. 

Our porters were always smiling. The sheer man power and work they displayed was beyond humbling. Many of them made an effort to interact and speak to us despite the language barrier. 

I could go on and on, but I’ll just say this trip and these people touched my heart and my life and I would recommend it to anyone without reservation..wanted to 

Britney H.
Boston, MA

Ultimate Kilimanjaro® is a very well organized company. It’s personnel is very good and made our trip amazing.

Jacques B.
Lima, Peru

Top notch service, from email to in-person in Tanzania. Everyone I dealt with was personable and helpful. I cannot say enough about the guides and the porters throughout the trip. They are simply good, friendly, down-to-earth people who were all incredibly knowledgeable about the mountain and everything related to it. Climbing Kilimanjaro was a life-changing experience, and Ultimate Kilimanjaro® allowed that to happen. I have already recommended Ultimate Kilimanjaro® to numerous people and will continue to do so.

Chelsea R.
Seoul, South Korea

I worked with Ultimate’s Guide Isack Mlala. He was incredibly patient, supportive, and knowledgeable in all things regarding my hiking experience and Mount Kilimanjaro. I truly credit my successful experience to his expert care.

Catherine A.
New York City, NY

The overall experience was fantastic. I would recommend the Ultimate Kilimanjaro ® guide group to anyone. They knew how to make it to the top and made sure everyone was taken care of.

Abraham, Estome, Baracke, Vincent, Stanley, and Johnny were excellent. They were easy to talk with and did a great job getting us to the top and back down again. We even had some good laughs along the way. you.

Phyllis G.
Denver, CO

I wanted to let you know how brilliant our guides were, August and Elias. These two gentlemen, looked after us and went more than the extra mile to make sure that we were safe, healthy, having fun and that we would eventually make the summit. They made us feel safe, they gave us the confidence and encouragement when we needed it, they were fun and interesting and even when they were exhausted and spent, they made sure that we were comfortable a looked after every step of the way.

August was so responsible and made sure that we knew exactly what we needed to do each day and prepared us for the summit night perfectly. He was so polite, chatty and had a great sense of humor. He looked after us like we were his sisters, made sure we were comfortable and couldn’t do enough for us. He is an absolute gem and such an asset to your company.

Elias was the same, even though he is an assistant guide he is, in my opinion mire than capable for being a guide. He looked after us and kept us laughing for 8 days. He even summited without gloves so that he could help us drink water and get tissues and feed us sweets, he is a very special person and also such an asset to the company.

I must also mention Leonard, he was my personal porter, and was an absolute pleasure to have around. He has such a gentle presence and was always there helping us without us even asking. Although he is a little younger and doesn’t speak English fluently, he has such potential to grow with the company.

I would highly recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro® over any other company on the mountain. The guides were UNBELIEVABLE, so professional, from day 1 we knew that we would be cared for and safe for the duration of our climb. We could not have summited without August, Elias and Leonard. They are ambassadors for the company and could not do enough for us. The staff and porters were so friendly and Damas the waiter looked after us from morning to night. Coffee in bed every morning was definitely a highlight….! The food was great, it was very hard to lose your appetite even at 4600m with the dishes that were put in front of us. The sleeping bags are amazing. We were so warm, even on the coldest night.

Thank you. thank you, thank you.

Kerry M.
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

I was blown out of the water by the staff. Robert was a truly amazing guide. He got to know each one of us and was able to personally ensure that the each of us were safe and climbing at the proper pace. He amazed me on summit day when he checked in on every group once we split into appropriately paced smaller groups. He then was at the top and also checked in on everyone on the way down. It was incredible how he bounced around the mountain and ensured that the climb was successful for us all.

I also was truly impressed with how he and the staff handled my sickness on Day 2. Robert did a lot of brainstorming and problem solving when I was throwing up in order to figure out what could be causing such a reaction and all of the staff jumped in to ensure that I was able to get to camp that day and feel better. He recommended boiling water for me and I was amazed at all the staff how there were no questions asked, they did it every day of the trip especially for me. And on Day 3 when my stomach couldn’t handle regular food, there were no questions asked again and the cooks especially prepared rice for me to have for breakfast and lunch. They truly had a “your success is our success” mentality. It was never the feeling of you are just our clients and you are paying us, but it felt as though the staff understood that this was a trip that we have been dreaming about for years and they wanted to make it the best.

I enjoyed all the assistant guides and junior guide as well. Very knowledgeable staff that I felt incredibly safe with. I would never recommend another company. Also, David, the porter who came up with us on summit day was awesome! He took my dad’s backpack for him when he could tell that my dad needed a little extra help. It made all the difference for my dad’s climb. I also thought it was incredible at 4am  on summit day when Stanley came by out of the blue and gave us a little hard candy and just popped it in our mouths for us so that we didn’t have to mess with gloves. You could tell that the staff has done this so many times and truly enjoyed their time as well. The porters too – they were so nice, greeted us smiling every day, and are so strong! Amazing people!

I, hands down, would recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro®. The company takes care of their people and they are a socially responsible company that follows the rules of the park, cares for their staff, and cares personally for each climber on their climbs. Each staff member was very friendly and knowledgeable on the mountain. They truly care about the mountain and the people who come to enjoy it.

Sidney C.
Denver, CO

Our guides were fabulous. Festo has an excellent leadership style, and Simon, Elias, Freddy (Wilfred) and Baraka all showed tremendous care and responsibility. I felt safe in their care. They were all instrumental to our group completing a successful climb(except one person who developed a lung infection). The porters were also excellent, such hard-working, cheerful, men! And our cooks, waiters and toilet porter were also terrific.
And Shawn (U.S…. contact) was most helpful and answered all my questions promptly and arranged our extra hotel nights. He definitely helped to make everything go smoothly for us in Tanzania.

We were extremely happy with our decision to use Ultimate Kilimanjaro®. Every aspect of the trip – both the climb and the safari – was well thought-out and organized. The staff were superb and we were pleased to confirm that the porters and guides are treated well by Ultimate Kilimanjaro®. Hard to believe that three meals a day is not guaranteed by all tour companies!

I would definitely recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro® to anyone interested in this trip. It was a dream trip and a dream come true. Thank-you!

Jennifer F.
Toronto, Canada

I thoroughly enjoyed my CHRISTMAS/NEW YEARS EVE KILIMANJARO SUMMIT. What a remarkably unique, powerful, motivating and energizing way to ring in 2015. I hap-hazardly committed to climbing Kili, sort of on a whim thinking- oh that sounds cool. I had no idea- the training for and the summit of- Kilimanjaro would make an indelible mark on my life. I’ve discovered a new found freedom, confidence in solo travel and adventuring to new heights (literally.) We reached Stella Point and then Uhuru Peak as a stunning red/orange/blue New Year’s sunrise was peeking over the world’s highest free-standing mountain. I certainly could not have made it to the top without the care, consideration and gracious hand-holding of Ultimate Kilimanjaro porter, Silvano and the rest of our team headed by Guides Festo & Dissmus.

Our Lemosho Route was challenging- much more so than what I was led to believe by friends that had summited before me- but this route was a perfect combination of beautiful terrain, eco-climates and acclimatization to ensure success. UK and the team put me at ease so I felt safe hopping on a plane by myself to travel to Africa. I only regret I didn’t have more time to spend in other parts of East and South Africa. THANK YOU ULTiMATE KILIMANJARO (Kevin and the entire team) for a once in a lifetime experience.

To relive my journey and see what it was really like- the highs, lows, and celebratory moments- visit @EatPrayClimb on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I documented the whole trek and summit, live and in living color. Photos, video and more. And if you’re curious… climbing Kilimanjaro made such an impact as a life-altering moment that I committed to conquering my 2nd of the Seven Summits a mere week after I returned from Africa. It’s not so much about the destination as it is about the journey. If you have an opportunity to climb Kilimanjaro- DO IT. You will NOT regret it. You actually might start jumping for joy…

Rachel B.
Los Angeles, CA

I did a lot of research before choosing Ultimate Kilimanjaro® so I knew they would be good and I am very hard to please; however Ultimate Kilimanjaro® EXCEEDED my expectations!! Ultimate Kilimanjaro® was the best on the mountain. I watched other outfitters and they were not as efficient and smooth as UK. I could seriously go on and on about how good the guides, the cooks the tent porters and even the toilet porters were and I could go on about how awesome Shawn in the US office was. I was constantly impressed with Ultimate Kilimanjaro® EVERY SINGLE MINUTE from start to finish. I have never in my life of traveling around the world, had such an amazing experience with any company, hotel, travel agency, etc.

Our whole group could not stop talking about how good everything was. There isn’t enough room to talk about all of the things that impressed all of us. We were so well taken care of. The guides knew exactly what to do for each individual person to help them be successful. They are so knowledgeable and they keep a close watch on everyone. Once around 4:00am someone in the tent next to me got sick and within seconds, literally seconds, the lead guide (Safari) was at her tent ready to help. Like I said, there were so many moments we were impressed that there are too many to list. The toilet porter constantly cleaned and polished the toilet while singing Bob Marley was a man proud of his work and we were so thankful for him. The three meals everyday were amazing. I did not expect such incredible food!!!! I miss that food. Actually, I miss everyone that took care of us even the tent porters who would greet you at the end of every day. As you staggered into camp. They would greet you at the edge of camp and take your backpack and poles to ease your burden and congratulate you. That gesture was like a million dollar gesture to me!!! Those are just a very few things versus the hundreds more I could type. Thank you Ultimate Kilimanjaro® for taking such good care of all of us and making us successful in summiting.

Ultimate Kilimanjaro® is the best there is!!!!

Christina M.
Jacksonville, FL

I summited with Ultimate Kilimanjaro® last week. Great experience, very well-planned and organized. Exceeded my expectations. All routes and itineraries used by Ultimate Kilimanjaro® are geared towards proper altitude acclimatization, giving you the best shot towards achieving your goal: Making it to the top! Most importantly, Ultimate Kilimanjaro® supports the Kilimanjaro Porter’s Assistance Project, which works to ensure fair pay and work environment for the porters that make the climb to the top possible. I have nothing but great things to say about the guides and porters.

Allison M.
Indian Head, MD

I had a wonderful experience on my honeymoon with Ultimate Kilimanjaro®! The guides, porters, schedule, food and gear were wonderful the entire way. It’s amazing to think that the 11 people in my Kili group, aged 24 to 72,  all made it to Africa’s highest peak. The entire Ultimate Kilimanjaro® staff went above and beyond the call of duty when it came to keeping our group both happy and healthy. The guides were wonderful, the food far exceeded all expectations (the cake on the last day was an amazing surprise!), and the porters were extraordinary.

Nafta was a terrific safari guide who worked hard to locate the animals that we most wanted to see. We saw at least 200 elephants, nearly 100 lions, FIVE black rhinos, a leopard, a cheetah, and a bunch of Cape Buffalo, zebras, and all the other wonderful animals. It was great having the safari vehicle to ourselves and exploring the open plains at our leisure with just the guide, and staying in a tented camp in Serengeti really added to the experience. The final hotel (Country Lodge?) was a gorgeous surprise and treat on the final night, from the beautiful rooms to the manicured pool area to the delicious food and drink.

We can’t recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro® highly enough!

Rachel Rudwall
Host, Producer, Photographer, Writer
Los Angeles, CA

This trip was amazing start to finish. There was a good value. Everything was organized. The crew in America answered all of the questions in planning the trip and the website is a great resource.

The team in Africa was absolutely amazing! Great group of guys! The guides were knowledgeable and very helpful. Our continual health was a priority and they monitored the entire group seriously and thoroughly. The porters were very friendly and acted like the most approachable people on the mountain. I went over alone and never felt uncomfortable or lonely. Just a wonderful tour company with a great staff! The experience and helpfulness of the guides made the difference in helping me reach the roof of Africa!

My sleeping bag and mat kept me comfortable and warm. I was pleasantly surprised. Even other groups commented on our nice tents.

Thank you for a terrific experience!

Beverly G.
Atlanta, GA

The guides were INCREDIBLE, and I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for Eli, Deus, Ronnie, and Tuma in getting us to the top both safely and with a lot of fun! The other staff were excellent as well, and constantly went above and beyond. There was not even a comparison amongst the other groups- our guides and staff were BY FAR the best on our route!

I would recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro® to anyone interested in trekking to the highest point in Africa. I simply cannot speak enough about the quality of the guides and porters, from beginning to end. After seeing their competence and standards of care, I was able to put absolute trust in our guides during some of the scariest and hardest moments I’ve ever experienced in my life. They made me believe I could do it (even when I was convinced I couldn’t) and they were dedicated to not giving me empty words but also to helping me achieve my goal. Achieve it I did, and I am forever indebted to the amazing guides and staff who made it happen!

Kristen P.
Asheboro, NC

From beginning to end, Ultimate Kilimanjaro® did an excellent job. The stateside staff was thorough, efficient and answered all of out questions promptly. From the time were were picked up at the Kilimanjaro Airport until each of us was dropped off 18 days later we were treated with respect and taken care of every step of the way. The guides for both the trek and safari were thoughtful and interesting people that took good care of us everywhere. All of our needs in Tanzania were taken care of and were were able to truly enjoy our trek and safari without having to worry about accommodations, meals or transportation. There are more expensive companies to travel with but I doubt that the treks were any better than ours.

I would gladly go with Ultimate Kilimanjaro® again and will definitely recommend them to my friends.

Scott P.
San Ramon, CA

A very well thought out operation that considered all needs of climbers. Cannot say enough about the staff. August, Robert and Maida (not sure of spelling) were extremely knowledgeable, helpful and professional. Enjoyed getting to know the staff and felt like they really enjoyed making the climb a success. Truly a Five-Star Operation. I will recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro® to my friends in the future.

John P.
San Antonio, TX

Superb staff, excellent support, good meals! Help was always available when needed. No request was too much trouble and all arrangements were completed in a timely manner. Thank you!

Paul L.
Honiton, Devon, United Kingdom

I feel so lucky to have climbed with Ultimate Kilimanjaro®. I would highly recommend it to anyone and we were SO pleased with our whole trip. We are very sad to be flying home right now. Africa and our climbing crew have a special place in my heart… that is thanks to you all!

Kara G.
Chicago, IL

I loved our guides. I compared them a few times to other guides I saw on the mountain, and I was always so glad we chose Ultimate Kilimanjaro®. The food was awesome! And plentiful! The food service was amazing! My tent was always put up well and made me feel so safe! And the guides also made me feel safe. I honestly was worried about the crowds and getting lost but our guides made me feel extremely well taken care of!

Kari M.
Grand Forks, ND

We trekked with Ultimate Kilimanjaro® (UK) summiting under the full moon on 3 February. My son and I used the Lemosho Route did a private trek as we stayed at Crater Camp which cost slightly more. We found UK to be excellent. They were very professional during the whole process. They have a great website giving plenty of information on routes, training, Crater Camp, and other things to know. UK are a partner in the Kilimanjaro Porter Assistance Project. This means they comply with guidelines on porter pay, safety and conditions.

UK had very good quality tents and equipment (for us and the crew). They also did health checks on us before the trek, and then twice daily, including the use of oxy-meters to measure your oxygen saturation levels and heart rate. I also snuck a quick look at the Operating Manual the company provides its guides. Very comprehensive with a focus on safety, client satisfaction and staff welfare. UK are also a member of Leave No Trace ensuring we did not leave any trace of litter or refuse on the mountain. Sadly, on your ascent you will see plenty of trace from less ethical companies and clients who literally defecate on the path and leave toilet paper in plain sight. The UK cook even made a birthday cake for my son for the night we were at Crater Camp – just awesome. UK also visited me after the trek to do a face-to-face interview on my satisfaction.

Summiting Kili will be one of the hardest things you ever do, but also one of the most memorable with an amazing sense of achievement.

Craig S.
Central Coast, Australia

The staff were all so wonderful: encouraging, motivating, positive, upbeat, and so willing to do anything to help make this an incredible experience for each of us! I can’t say enough wonderful things! It was an amazing experience; an adventure of a lifetime, and I felt safe and comfortable the whole time in the care of our guides.

Natalie C.
Little Rock, AR

Excellent staff, unbelievable porters and help all the way. The best I could have expected. Very supportive and fun.

Russ C.
Wilton, CT

Ultimate Kilimanjaro® staff made the climb a real pleasure. Their encouragement was especially appreciated during the last push to the top! Great job.

James M.
Lusaka, Zambia

Wonderful staff made the trip perfect! Everyone was helpful, always had a smile, and were genuinely pleasant to be around Overall a fantastic experience that we will happily recommend to our friends. Kudos to the entire Ultimate Kilimanjaro® team!

Nate G.
Atlanta, GA

Our experience with Ultimate Kilimanjaro® was fantastic. Shawn in Chicago was always available to answer question or change our itinerary before we left. Our guides Joesph and Niko where well experienced with 175 climbs between the two of them and their main goal was to get us to the top of the mountain feeling good. The food was great. Our waiter Stivi was great. The service of all the staff members was great. I will definitely recommend you guys to others.

Stephen A.
Seattle, WA

Excellent company–have already recommended this company to friends who are thinking about climbing Kilimanjaro!!! Complete no brainer, if anyone is thinking of climbing Kili, Ultimate Kilimanjaro® is 100% the way to go! The company is so put together. Even when we were climbing, you can tell how organized Ultimate was compared to other companies; our guides had uniforms and our porter bags had the Ultimate logo. Such a small detail, but really made all the difference in my eyes! Awesome company, SO glad I chose Ultimate Kilimanjaro® for this experience! Major thumbs up!!!

Erin D.
New York, NY

I loved my experience with Ultimate Kilimanjaro®! My guides and porters made me feel like I was a part of a family. They were always encouraging and fun to be around. My safety was a top priority and they were always checking in to see if I was ok. I met some of the best people on the mountain. They were a huge part of what made climbing Kilimanjaro so amazing and why I was able to Summit!

Sara A.
Ashburnham, MA

From first email contact right through to being dropped at the airport for the trip home, Ultimate Kilimanjaro® was excellent. I was thoroughly impressed with the team on the ground lead by our head guide Robert. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Thank you and well done and I will certainly recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro® to anyone considering the adventure.

Paul B.
Perth, Australia

Ultimate Kilimanjaro® is very well-run. The staff was knowledgeable and friendly. I always felt safe, secure, and looked-after by all the staff of Ultimate Kilimanjaro®. The service was impeccable. Our lead guide, Robert, said we are one family, and I really felt that way during the trip. Dios, another guide on our trip, took great care looking after me on summit day. The rental sleeping bags were warm and toasty. I bought a liner from home and never had to use it, even on very cold nights. I loved Teddy and Innocent from Stella Maris Hotel. They welcomed us with great hugs. My husband did not get his luggage and they were very helpful in helping us track it down as we did not have cell phones with us. I would absolutely recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro® to anyone looking for a well-run adventure of a lifetime! We always knew what to expect for the next day. We were always well-fed. They took great care in our health. A+ all the way around!

Melissa L.
Milwaukee, WI

Our entire trip went very smoothly and was a lot of fun. The guides and safari driver were great and made sure all our needs were met. I’d recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro® for anyone looking to climb Kili or safari in the Serengeti!

Chris S.
Chicago, IL

The guides were very professional, but also fun. It was clear their top concern was for our safety and they constantly checked in with us to make sure we were feeling well and not having any issues. The guides also made an effort to help us learn some Swahili, which was great!

The food was excellent! The cook (Willie) and two servers (Luca and Patrick) were fantastic. I think Luca really made a connection with our group and enhanced our experience.

It was very impressive what the porters were able to do physically. They packed up camp after we started hiking, passed us on the trails and got everything set up and ready to go by the time we arrived. They worked hard and had great attitudes. We enjoyed their songs. Two of the porters accompanied us to the summit as well and they were very helpful.

The camp equipment was high quality. I appreciated the fact that the guides had “Ultimate Kilimanjaro®” hats, shirts/jackets, it was always easy to spot our guides.

John was an excellent safari guide. His English was very good and he was extremely knowledgeable about all the flora and fauna. I was impressed how he was able to spot animals and point out everything around us. I was worried about the long drives and potential for motion sickness, but John drove very safely and we were quite comfortable. With his background as an auto mechanic, we knew we were in good hands if we were to have trouble with the vehicle (which we luckily did not).

I liked the “fancy tents” in the Serengeti, Moses was an excellent host. The Twiga hotel was very comfortable. The Milimani was nice, would have preferred if they had mosquito nets, as I woke up with several mosquito bites after my stay here. Overall my experience was excellent. I found Ultimate Kilimanjaro® to be very professional and appreciated the fact that everything was taken care of from our airport pick up, to all the hotels, food and entertainment. I am completely satisfied with Ultimate and had a wonderful trip to Tanzania.

Heather M.
San Francisco, CA

Terrific package. Thanks for a mission success!

Jen S.
Brooklyn, NY

Robert was a very attentive and mindful lead guide. Gerome was also an extremely caring and thoughtful guide, always noticing what I needed before I even noticed myself. The whole support team was absolutely a pleasure. I had a local agency safari after, and realized even more so after that experience how special our support was on the mountain.

The tents I was very impressed w/… I have been backpacking many times in the Rocky Mountains in the states and it’s quite rare to have a tent that endures the rain, snow, and other elements of high altitude climbs. We had all the elements on our trip, and I was always quite dry!

Hotel was very nice — I would certainly stay there again. Love the view of the mountain and huge pictures windows!

I will most certainly recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro® to others for the Kilimanjaro climb. The only thing I did think was that the Lemosho trek could be 7 days — we could have made it up to the base camp in one day rather than an intermediate camp in between. But that would be my only complaint / suggestion!

Melissa P.
Austin, TX

The guides were exceptional. I really enjoyed the trip and they really helped to make us feel like a team, not just clients. I would definitely recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro® to others, and have actually already done so for a few interested people.

Dustin S.
Sterling, VA

August and Elias were fantastic! Joseph the other assistant guide was great but he had to go down early with our friend so I didn’t spend as much time with him. I have never felt more cared for on a mountain. Our guides took so much pride in us reaching the summit. They went beyond expectations to ensure that we made it to the top.

The food was fantastic. I experienced altitude sickness in Peru where I did not want to eat and felt nauseous. I expected the same on this trip but it did not occur (due to proper acclimatization). I was more than happy about this since I did not want to miss out on any meals!!

The porters were great. I feel terrible that there are so many and it is difficult to get to know them on a personal level because they are truly essential to this process. However, the ceremony at the end of the trek gave our group an opportunity to personally thank (and hug) each of them.

Stella Maris lodge is fantastic! It is a little far from Moshi but the hospitality of the hotel makes up for it. As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by Teddybear, the woman who manages the hotel. She is FANTASTIC! I felt at home immediately. They stored our luggage without problems and quickly washed our clothes after the trek and before the safari.

I can not imagine the logistics of running a company located in the US for a business involving customer service and based in a developing country. There were so many moving parts that ran smoothly. I believe much of that is due to the spirit of the Tanzanians to make clients happy. Everyone with Ultimate Kilimanjaro® that we encountered in Tanzania provided exceptional customer service. It speaks very highly for your company.

Jen K.
Chapel Hill, NC

Hi there, what can I say? From start to finish your staff have been fantastic. Thanks to Shawn in the office for answering my questions. Thanks to Richard our lead guide who runs a tight ship. He was kind, polite and thoughtful and commands respect from his team. Many thanks to his team of assistant guides, Elduarde aka The Professor, Richard 2, Jerome, Riziki aka Lucas (aka Gucci Man) and Emanuele. They seem to have the balance of polite behavior and good fun just right. The chef was excellent and I think the toilet engineer got the biggest cheer when we said farewell. The team of porters all did a fantastic job too. All equipment was of a very good standard and perfectly suited for the job. Portaloo was also very good. It was nice that its tent was slightly bigger than those I have used in the past where you got inside and couldn’t move. One thing that stood out was the team when wearing their Ultimate Kilimanjaro® tshirts, baseball caps and jackets. The bright blue looked smart and they stood out as a team from others on the mountain. It gave them a look of a professional team which creates a feeling of comfort when going into the unknown. No, this was not the cheapest trip available but I wouldn’t have changed anything. This was a great trip and the Lemosho route is beautiful. We were a great group so overall this could not have been better.

I would definitely use Ultimate Kilimanjaro® again and recommend them to friends..

Teresa S.
London, England

Baraka the guide was particularly friendly. So were the porters and Shawn, the US contact. They made the trip really enjoyable! The tents and especially the rented sleeping bags were very comfortable. Stella Maris had a nice view of the Mountain. Picturesque setting.

For a first time hiker, I have to say Ultimate Kilimanjaro® made the entire process enjoyable and fun. Right from the first inquiry contact up till the drop off after the entire trip. I am definitely going to recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro® to all my colleagues, family and friends in Nigeria.

Asemota O.
Lekki Lagos, Nigeria

All staff were amazing! Guides and assistant guides were particularly helpful and patient with all my questions, and helping me learn Swahili! Chef Paul aka Mr. Delicious was AMAZING! He taught us some of the wonderful recipes he made on the mountain! It was an unforgettable trip!

MZURI SANA! If you don’t know what that means, you will by the end of your trip! It was such an amazing time. I couldn’t have asked for a better guide service! Our group was awesome and gelled so well together to become “Team Poakichizi 2014”. It is truly an unforgettable time and leaves you with nostalgia and a great sense of achievement! Kilimanjaro will always hold a special place in my heart.

Asante Sana Ultimate Kilimanjaro®! 🙂

Christie W.
Fairbanks, AK

The guides and porters from Ultimate Kilimanjaro® were absolutely amazing. They were friendly, professional and experienced. We only rented the sleeping bags and were glad we did. We were worried they might have a smell to them, but they were professional cleaned before we received them and were extremely warm. The tents were also roomy and in perfect condition. The best part had to be the food. We never expected the abundance of delicious food on the mountain, let alone in general! The toilet porter was also a life saver. 🙂

We went on a 4-day safari with Julius. He was the best guide out of anyone with his experienced knowledge of locating the animals, knowing the parks themselves and just overall friendliness. We also went on two day trips with Ultimate Kilimanjaro® (to the waterfall and to Arusha National Park). Both were fantastic and the guides were amazing.

Traveling to Africa from the US is a big event and Ultimate Kilimanjaro® made it easy and enjoyable from start to finish. It was the first time we decided to use a tour company and we were extremely grateful we chose Ultimate Kilimanjaro®! Thank you for making our experience a memorable adventure!

Julie M. & Trevor K.
Hoboken, NJ

Fantastic service! I’m impressed. I would definitely recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro®.

Vasudev K.
San Jose, CA

It is hard for me to find words to describe how I feel about your guides. I am so grateful. The lead guide Eli was kind and professional. He cared about our health and i felt safe with him checking on me. The assistant guides were also nice.

It is important for me to share to you how much Peter (aka Mr.Fabulous) helped me. I owed him reaching the summit. The night of the peak was very hard for me. I was feeling weak, had trouble breathing and had nausea. I was way behind the rest of my group. Eli gave me his gloves because i did not have mine. Peter stayed with me the whole time. He fed me, took my backpack, gave me water… Encouraged me so much. I followed him and started to feel better when we had less than half to go. We reached the top with 3 other people of my group and we were the first to succeed. I was so proud. And so grateful. Peter then helped me to go down. I was so tired! He remained positive for the whole time and patient. 
I also was so happy with the porters and i wanted to tell them thank you every time I saw them.

I will definitely recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro®. It was wonderful. The adventure was though at times but I was treated like a princess. I felt safe. I cried during the tipping ceremony because i was about to leave amazing people.

Thank you so much.

Annie S.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

We went to climb Mt. Kili and we would have not made it without Abraham’s leadership and Augustine’s patience and sacrifice. Our challenges were as a result of a lack of preparation on our part.. A few misjudgments on our gear and a lack of appreciation of the difficulty of summit day were the only factors that Ultimate Kilimanjaro® could help polish.

A proper hikers backpack (rather than the travelers bag I had) and headlamp is mandatory. I also think my insulated jacket was too bulky.

On the summit ascent, the 11.30pm to 7am ascent from base camp, at altitude, in the dark and then a 3 hour descent AND then a 5-hour hike to day 8 camp broke us. In fact I was exhausted when I realized the magnitude of the ascent. I’m forever grateful to Abraham and Augustine getting us up the mountain.

Thanks for the marvelous response from the entire team to get my (sick) wife off the mountain. Thank you all.

Phil W.
Huntington Beach, CA

I choose Ultimate Kilimanjaro® because everything was straight forward and out in the open. I clearly knew what was expected of me and what to expect from the service. This was very helpful in planning as well as improving my overall experience. Everyone was extremely friendly and approachable. They seemed to care about us, our health, our comfort and our enjoyment. It was sad to leave such a friendly group. The cook was phenomenal, delicious dishes the entire trip, I never lost my appetite. The guides on the trip were friendly and encouraging they made it fun.

Reba H.
Rhinelander, WI

We couldn’t have had better staff! Abraham was incredible — he quickly earned my full trust and I felt safe and confident in all aspects of our trekking under his guidance. He’s a great asset to Ultimate Kilimanjaro and I would recommend that anyone hiking try to secure him as a guide. The assistant guides were also great — when my dad got sick and had to be evacuated, I knew he was in good hands getting down. The food was very good and our waiter, Moto, was very responsive to all our needs and requests. All of the porters were incredibly friendly and, of course, immensely helpful in all the support they provided us. Your staff were some of the very best part of our trip and I am so grateful to have gone on this expedition with them.

Christine M.
New Haven, CT

We had a great trip, the guides and porters were fantastic and helped us to all make it to the summit. We are glad we picked Ultimate Kilimanjaro® after all the r>esearch we had done on which company to pick. It was a great once in a lifetime experience for us.

Roshni P.
London, England

I was incredibly impressed by the performance by our guides, cooks, porters and drivers. They were incredibly caring and personable and kept positive attitudes throughout the trip. They looked after us constantly, helping us with our ponchos or gaiters or trekking poles before even being asked. Their hard work ethic is truly remarkable.

The trip was TOUGH. Summit day was really intense, with over 7 hours of climbing to reach Uhuru Peak and then another 7.5 hours down. That was definitely further than I’ve ever pushed my body before. Some climbers were upset that we had to do so much descending, but the guides explained we needed to get to a low altitude to avoid any illness. Four of our 12 climbers were hospitalized for a variety of issues (headaches, diarrhea, trouble breathing, exhaustion, nausea, etc.) but the guides handled each issue as an emergency and helped the participants immediately. The porters’ work ethic was simply amazing.

The food was simply incredible, always tons of options and lots of variety. The guides were very helpful and kind and supportive to all 12 participants equally. The positive attitudes of all of the staff on the Mountain were really something to be admired. It was cold and rainy 6 out of the 8 days, some of them to extremes (tent blowing over and hail), but again the staff always reacted quickly and efficiently and I never felt unsafe. I am absolutely pleased to have selected Ultimate Kilimanjaro® for our trip and would certainly recommend to anyone in the future. 

Anna H.
Concord Township, OH

I cannot express how overwhelmed we were with the service! The staff were sensational! The guides were so kind, helpful, professional and happy! And the food was divine! We had the BEST experience! It was unexpected to have so much fun on what I thought would be a great deal of hard work. Absolutely brilliant! Its an achievement that we will remember forever! I am still in awe of how easy the guides and porters make it look 🙂

I believe that Abraham and his great sense of humour made our trip even more memorable. I will continue to recommend this challenge but more importantly I will continue to recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro®!! AWESOME!!

See Regan’s Story on Courier Mail (Australia)

Regan T.
Brisbane, Australia

Fantastic experience, my sister and I both made it to the summit and that was all down to the help of our amazing guides August and Elias. We can’t thank them enough!!

Sheena P.
London, England

I would recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro® without hesitation.

Arthur V.
Townsville, Australia

We would not hesitate to recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro® to anyone. Ultimate Kilimanjaro® was a standout on the mountain, from the branding of the gear, the quality of uniform supplied to the guides, the number and quality of the porters and the overall service was outstanding. 

Richard and his team of guides and porters made it all possible. Pole Pole … they get you there and genuinely care about their clients reaching summit, but at the same time are constantly monitoring the health and well being of all their clients. The porters are unbelievable! So strong and fit, they are athletes! Every day reaching camp our head porter greeted us with a smile, took our packs off, packed our poles away, put our gear in our tent and had our bedding ready to go. Angels!

The service is outstanding! We had beautiful food! Every day we ate something different, and on longer trek days little snacks to pack along the way. Every day we had two course meals, it was amazing! 

Our group was sensational. Such a great mix of people from all around the world. We always walked together, the whole way.

On summit night, the guides are there with you 100% of the way. For some of us, the guides ended up carrying our packs and walked beside the whole group ensuring we were all ok, physically and mentally. This is by far the most challenging yet satisfying thing I have ever done. Achieving Kilimanjaro shows you can do anything in life, you just have to try!

Thank you Ultimate Kilimanjaro®!!

Kylie D.
Melbourne, Australia

Everything has been perfect. The staff made my trip, they were all extremely nice and skilled. Keep up the good work!

Hendrik B.
Bruges, Belgium

Great trip. Great company. There were a few issues with coordination at the beginning when I arrived, but nothing major. The mountain, the guides, and porters were excellent. Eli was awesome. He was very helpful the entire time. I did speak with the guides and porters and all said Ultimate Kilimanjaro® is one the best companies operating on the Kili, so that was a good thing. It was also noticeable that Ultimate Kilimanjaro® has some of the better gear relative to other companies. Getting to the top was a struggle, but the guides motivation was great. I made it, I was on top of Africa!

Matthew M.
Morton, IL

Richard, our lead guide, was excellent. Without his excellent management of resources (assistant guides), at least 2 of us, and probably 3 (of 12) would not have been successful in summiting, myself included. My thanks also to assistant guide KG for carrying my day pack for 3 days, which undoubtedly made the difference in my summiting. I will definitely recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro®.

Marlene H.
Oak Harbor, WA

We just summited Mt Kilimanjaro one week ago. The tour was organised by Ultimate Kilimanjaro® and was very well organised. The guides were excellent, spoke good English, and watched out for us at all times, they provided medical assessments at the start and close of each day at our daily briefings. The food was wholesome, varied and plentiful. The porters were low profile but always managed to select the best locations to make camp. The tents and equipment supplied was probably the best we saw on the the mountain. On summit night the guides kept us moving forward, building morale along the way, with their songs and encouragement, this is the toughest part of the week and their support makes a huge difference. The Rongai route goes via Mawenzi peak and is a very scenic place to camp, which came as bit of a surprise as I had not seen photos of this part of the national Park. I would highly recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro® if you are thinking of climbing kili and would definitely use them again.

David T.
Gladstone, Australia

Robert should be commended for running a tight ship. He is a great guide with a great team. He is somebody I will stay in contact with. Everybody on our team felt they made a friend. Robert, Barracka, Isaac and Edward should all be commended. They did an incredible job.

Jody W.
Phoenix, AZ

I can’t compliment the team highly enough! August and Elias led a faultless trip and made us feel safe, valued, special and cared for. This attitude was evident in the whole team. Dinner and service was brilliant and we didn’t want for anything the whole trip.

Great quality, reasonably priced – Brilliant sleeping bag! August & Elias were not only consummate professionals for our entire trip, but lovely, genuine people who we feel privileged to have got to know in our week on the mountain. The support, care and attention we received were second to none and I can’t recommend them highly enough – just brilliant!!

David “Delicious” our cook was a maker of brilliant meals and well and truly lived up to his name! How he conjured his culinary delights whilst on the go and without a full kitchen will remain a mystery – but we were thankful at each and every mealtime. The congratulations cake was extra special and a lovely touch.

I would recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro® to anyone looking to complete a great experience with a first class outfit all my colleagues and friends.

Jane A.
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Richard was outstanding. Calm, organized, helpful. He got our duffle bags up to camp 2 after they were delayed in Amsterdam. We were very impressed. The entire staff worked very hard to make our trip a success. Some very nice touches like the hot lunch at the Lava Tower and glass near camp after summiting. Godfrey was great at setting a pace and really helped my wife on summit day. Overall great experience and a good value. Definitely recommended!

Marvin B.
Scottsdale, AZ

The best on the mountain!!! The guides were super attentive, always friendly, and superb. They were always on top of their game and kept safety on the forefront. The guides were very experienced and it was evident. The chef cooked miracles every day. The porters were fantastic and my tent was always ready upon my arrival. They definitely made the trip easy and I can’t say enough about how fantastic they all were! An absolutely amazing trip. I’d gladly recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro® to anyone instantly.

Josh K.
Denver, CO

The crew on the mountain was excellent. Abraham is a superb guide. Without him, we would not have made it. The assistant guides, Robert and Jeromi, were extremely helpful and friendly and assisted us tremendously. Our porters, Raison and Godfrey were excellent and had our tents pitched every day when we got to camp, in the best possible spots. They even welcomed us into camp every day by carrying our backpacks for the last few minutes. This was a welcome relief.

On summit night, one of the porters, Ronaldo, assisted me up and down the mountain, holding my hand all the way as I was too weak to go it alone. It goes without saying that I could not have done it without him. 

The food was superb and we were all amazed at how the chef managed to cook food, fit to be served in a restaurant, at that altitude. 

I cannot stress enough how impressed I was with the team, and in particular the people named above. Because of these guys, I will be back someday to attempt another route with Ultimate Kilimanjaro®. Ultimate Kilimanjaro® exceeded all my expectations and I highly recommend them to all my colleagues and friends.

Suzanne C.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Edward and Deuss were absolutely fantastic. They were fun, professional and knowledgeable. I felt completely safe the entire time. The food was great. The porters were friendly and super hard working. All three of our team made it to Uhuru. It was a perfect trip all around. Thank you!

John S.
Indianapolis, IN

Gaston and Emmanuel were excellent guides who helped me, my 2 sons and 2 friends make a successful summit. They seem to have a close knit team under them. Given the conditions the food was great and varied!

My eldest son has autism and both guides were wonderful with him. On summit day, Alexander ‘Sunday’ also joined them and stayed with my son to guide him to the summit. We think Finn might be the first person with severe autism to summit Kilimanjaro and we are totally grateful to the efforts of Gaston, Emmanuel and Sunday to help him achieve something truly amazing!

Paul O.
Geneva, Switzerland

My trip was amazing in every area!!! My tent was great and kept me warm and toasty 🙂 The guides made the trip! I loved all of our guides and they made sure we all had a great experience.

Tanja W.
Henderson, NV

Fantastic organisation especially as we got our own private toilet. Have been vocally recommending Ultimate Kilimanjaro® to everybody who asks for a good company to climb with. You guys were incredible! Asante Sana.

Ben Boleyn
Kingwinford, England

[See Ben’s articles in the Daily Mail and the Malvern Gazette.]

My sons Isaac, Joel and I climbed Kilimanjaro with Ultimate Kilimanjaro® in late July this year. I’m writing as I want to take the time to express my appreciation for the Ultimate Kilimanjaro® team that shared the trek with us and got us to the summit. Evance was a great lead guide. His approach is perceptive and gentle, but he is very knowledgeable and keeps the whole team working together in the way that works best for us. On summit day I would not have made it without his encouragement and direction. I believe he’s nicknamed ‘Mr 100%’ and now I understand why. I have a deep respect and appreciation for Evance. He keeps track of every aspect of the trek and how we are doing, then balances; food, pace, rest breaks – everything to prepare his clients for the summit then get them there. And we have the most fun on the way too.

Joseph, our assistant guide, was awesome. On many days he was the one walking with us and he was an excellent guide for my 16-year old energetic sons. His strength and enthusiasm is so much fun on the mountain and his experience is strong. We really enjoyed our time with Joseph. He and Evance are a great team as their differences compliment each other really well.

The food on trek was great – so much of it! Hardson, our cook, did an amazing job (with Reggie’s help), especially with a single burner and no refrigeration. Emmanuel, our waiter, took such great care of us, all the time. Never intrusive but always encouraging, friendly and thoughtful. We miss his morning wake up calls.

As I’m reading this email back I’m thinking that this sounds like I might be a bit carried away. I was really impressed and really appreciate what the crew has done for us and I want to pass this on. We spoke to a number of trekking groups after we got back to Moshi. The Ultimate Kilimanjaro® groups were all very happy with their treks, and the people who had gone with other (well known) groups didn’t have nearly as good a trek. If we come across people who are looking to climb Kilimanjaro we’ll definitely recommend they talk to Ultimate Kilimanjaro®..

Pete M.
Sydney, Australia

The staff and service were outstanding. The Guides took very good care of us and would have instantly known and acted upon if anything went wrong. The chef was fantastic. Our waiter was awesome, and so were the porters. I was very pleased with the overall experience with Ultimate Kilimanjaro®! They are a great company, and it was a journey I will remember for a lifetime.

Joel M.
Sydney, Australia

From landing at All staff had a real desire to make the clients experience a good one. Staff did great job dealing with issues like crowded campsites, rain, etc. I would recommend to others that Ultimate is a good choice for climbing Kilimanjaro. There should be a little more emphasis on HAPE symptoms. Most emphasis was on head aches and nausea which I never had. If I had realized what was going on with my lungs I would have started taking diamox. Overall a great experience with a seasoned team that provided great value for the money.

William M.
Suwanee, GA

From landing at Kilimanjaro through returning to the airport ten days later, Ultimate Kilimanjaro® was there as promised every step of the way. The guides are knowledgeable and friendly and are genuinely concerned for the guests’ overall experience from transportation logistics to setting foot on the roof of Africa! Ultimate Kilimanjaro® is an excellent organization and has the best preparation website to ensure a successful and enjoyable experience. Thank you.

Scott B.
South Jordan, UT

I truly enjoyed this trip and will recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro® to anyone going to climb. I am thinking of returning and using you again.

There was so much commitment from our guides that every day was enjoyable.

Edward B.
Beckley, WV

You guys are great, and your staff seem happy and well taken care of. The guides were phenomenal – knowledgeable, safety focused, personable, funny, open and willing to share. They were really wonderful. Paul the cook was great (though the soups were too salty). The stews, eggs, desserts (especially the banana crepes), popcorn, hot drinks, and the soup (despite the salt) were really fantastic. We stayed healthy thanks to Paul. The porters are hard working and friendly. Lovely people. You put together a great adventure for all of us. Thanks!

Liz M.
Pittsburgh, PA

Great guides and staff. Couldn’t have done it without them. Helpful and prompt coordination by Shawn. We really appreciate the professionalism, friendliness, and reliability. We’re happy to hear that the guides and porters liked working for Ultimate Kilimanjaro® as well. A really great company that we will highly recommend to others.

Agata K.
San Francisco, CA

Excellent. I was looked after from start to finish. the guides and crew were amazing. We felt safe and comfortable. The gear and food were great too.

Paul M.
Black Rock, Australia

I recently submitted Mount Kilimanjaro with Ultimate Kilimanjaro®. From initial contact made all my enquiries were responded to promptly and in detail. I chose the Lemosho route, based on success rates for acclimatization. Every detail was thought through, from being picked up at the airport to hotel reservations, a daily health check our guides provided and more food than could be consumed.

Overall had a great experience and truly grateful to the new perspective I have regarding the hard working individuals to make the climb of Kilimanjaro possible. Without the dedication, selflessness and commitment of each crew member and their aid in helping every individual in achieving their goal of reaching Uhuru Peak, I don’t believe we would have all done it. The team of guides, porters and crew that made our trip possible is truly awe inspiring. If you have the pleasure of climbing with Ronald or Stanley you are truly in for an AMAZING experience. Their dedicated, hard working ethic really left me speechless and for which I owe my life changing Kilimanjaro journey. 

Ultimate Kilimanjaro® has got you covered. What are you waiting for? Go climb that mountain! I’m riding this wave of feeling on ‘top of the world’ for a while! Asanti Sana! 

Angela S.
Miami, FL

AMAZING, WONDERFUL and PROFESSIONAL. Excellent service all around. We were impressed with the well organized system and kindness each of the staff showed towards us. The porters are the hardest working group of people we have ever met, also their happiness reflected and shined daily. The cook prepared wonderful and delicious meals daily. All the guides went way beyond their duties to assist us. We felt like family and we were well taken care of. The gear was in wonderful condition it brought the comforts of home to us. The sleeping bags were so warm and comfortable. Thank you for providing such high quality gear. This was an amazing adventure!

The Calibuso Family
Dulles, VA

Ultimate Kilimanjaro® provides excellent service. The guides were friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. At no time did we have any of the issues experienced by other companies’ groups (e.g., staff complaining about tips). Everything as extremely well organized.

Our U.S…. coordinator did a good job preparing us before we left, as did your web site. Having someone to ask questions of who is a native English speaker is important as it reduces the opportunity for misunderstandings – particularly around issues such as tipping.

The equipment was first rate – much better than we had heard from friends who had used other tour operators. For instance, the sleeping bags were so warm that I didn’t need to use liners, let alone sleep in heavy clothing. The mess tent and toilet were positive surprises.

I would highly recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro® to anyone planning to climb Kilimanjaro (which will include friends and family members). Everything was very professional, from the guides to the equipment to the food. The price was reasonable for the level of service we received. Well done!

Ron B.
Ridgefield, CT

For my husband’s 50th birthday, he wanted to climb Kili. On a friend’s strong recommendation, who previously climbed with Ultimate Kilimanjaro®, we chose the 8-day Lemosho route with them.

The Chicago staff was helpful answering questions prior to departure. Once in country, everything went smoothly – from airport pick-up, to accommodations, to meeting up with our climbing team. Our entire team, especially our guides (thanks Meschack and Joseph ) were TOP NOTCH!

The food on the mountain (3 meals a day, and afternoon tea was good and plentiful). French fries at Lava Tower (15,190 ft) was quite the treat! We attribute our successful summit to our knowledgeable guides, their measured pace ( Pole Pole ), and their abilities to read our strengths and weaknesses.

We were impressed with the safety mindedness: the twice daily monitoring of pulse, oxygen saturation and overall physical condition. Helpful suggestions were provided regarding hydration and diamox.

Overall, it was an excellent experience and we’d be happy to share any additional information and answer any questions about the climb or Ultimate Kilimanjaro®. Choose Ultimate Kilimanjaro® if you really want that Ultimate experience! (oh, and if you want luxury on the mountain, we highly recommend a private toilet! )

Susan R.
Cincinnati, OH

August and Deuss were delightful and were very knowledgeable about the mountain. They were very clear in ensuring we asked questions and raised any concerns such as pace, sickness etc. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer both August and Deuss as guides for Kili.

Our cook was fantastic, I couldn’t believe the variety Basili kept producing each night, truly amazing and surprising, Basili would always ask for feedback and would be worried if we didn’t eat everything, however our appetites weren’t all that large when at high altitude, which was not anything to do with the food! The porters are amazing, their strength and stamina simply incredible. They were consistently happy and courteous.

I would not hesitate to recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro®. The quality and friendliness of the guides were fantastic and I appreciate that not everyone has their luggage lost (by the airlines)! It is also very clear that the guides and the porters enjoyed working for Ultimate Kilimanjaro® which speaks more volume of the company than my comments. Thanks for the experience. Kind regards.

Megan M.
Brisbane, Australia

The team was amazing. Very knowledgeable, very courteous, and overall, excellent. This is a great turn-key package. Very well organized from start to end.

Jeffrey M.
Houston, TX

Our journey to the summit of Uhuru Peak was the ultimate experience of our lives. Words cannot express the care and kindness we received from Godlisten and his team each moment of the way. We will cherish our eight-day climb up Kilimanjaro, via the Lemosho Route, for the rest of our lives and will never forget the beautiful group of people that made it all possible.

We highly recommend Godlisten’s team and Ultimate Kilimanjaro® to anyone interested in reaching the rooftop of Africa. Through all of our research, we discovered tour companies that charge twice as much as Ultimate Kilimanjaro® to climb the mountain, but we guarantee you won’t find better service or guides out there.

Thank you Ultimate Kilimanjaro®, Godlisten and team!

Desiree & Billy Hessel
Denver, CO

A few years ago, our son suggested that we climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with him, but we were quite hesitant, because we were 60 at the time. We have done quite a bit of hiking, including Mt. Whitney, but never anything higher that 14,500 feet. After reading about this great hike on the Ultimate Kilimanjaro site, we decided to go for it. So, we trained for two years, and our son, Eric, two of his friends, Sasha, and Nick, and my husband, Karl, and I, (Linda) went on an eight day Lemosho route hike.

Our guide was Theofil and assistant guides, Thomas and Peter. Gaspar took care of us in camp, and Rasheed did some excellent cooking for us. The mountain was amazing, and our guides and the whole crew were kind, helpful, very friendly, respectful, and made our hike a fantastic adventure. They helped us every step of the way. We even had our own, little private toilet set up for us each day by one of the porters.

They called my husband Papa, and me Mum, and they made sure we were safe and had a great time. Theofil, Peter, and Thomas trained us to go pole, pole, and so we all successfully reached the summit. We loved every minute of our adventure, and part of our hearts are still in Tanzania.

Our seven year old grandson asked if we would climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with him, so it is on our calendar for 10 years from now, when he is 17 and we are 72. Hopefully we will be lucky enough to get Theofil, Peter, Thomas, Gaspar, and Rasheed to guide us to the roof of Africa one more time.

Linda W.
Escondido, CA

The entire team, from the guides to the cooks and porters, maintained a high level of professional service. Our lead guide, Eli, was very knowledgeable and experienced with Mount Kilimanjaro, which is critical to the success of the trip. It is worthy to note that Eli was warm and always ready to assist, but without compromising the safety of the team.

The assistant guides (Honest, Emmanuel and Godfrey) conducted the summit ascent like a military operation. Ever watchful of the difficulties met by each of the team members, and ready to render assistance (even if it meant giving up a personal pair of gloves). The porters had a very tough job and yet were able to keep cheerful. In all, an excellent team.

It is apparent that the menu was well thought out to ensure that it met the nutritional and taste needs of the team. The food was delicious and always served with a warm smile and encouragement.

I have been on camping treks to Nepal, Tibet, Sikkim and India, and the tents and sleeping bags provided by Ultimate Kilimanjaro® were of the best quality so far.

Bee H.

My husband and I recently successfully climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. We are so glad that we made our arrangements through Ultimate Kilimanjaro®; that we took the Lemosho Route; and most of all that you provided us with such a competent and caring guide in Joseph “Photo”.

There were eight people in our climbing group from all over the world. We ranged in age from 26 to 69 and all eight of us made it up the mountain thanks to the excellent support of the Ultimate Kilimanjaro® team and the careful guidance and preparation that Joseph Photo provided. Although we were strangers at the start of our climb, we bonded during our hearty meals in the mess tent and on each day’s climb. We were best of friends – across generations and continents – by the end of the trek.

When we arrived at camp on most days, we rested (thankful that our tents were already set up, there was hot food waiting and good water) and then Joseph made sure we went out again for another acclimation hike later in the afternoon. We noticed that some other groups did not go for those afternoon hikes, and they were the ones that had more trouble with the altitude later in the hike. Joseph’s vast experience – more than 150 times up the mountain – paid off for us many times. He also has an extensive knowledge of the plant life at each zone of the mountain and his identification (in both Latin and English!) of the varied bushes, trees and plants on Kilimanjaro enhanced our experience immensely.

We also appreciated the efforts that our cooks, guides, and porters made to help us learn some basic Swahili which brought many smiles from other Tanzanians during our trip and when we went on safari after our descent.

We highly recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro® for your Mt. Kilimanjaro climb. And ask for Joseph Photo to be your guide – you’ll thank him every step of the way!

Joyce N.
Evergreen, CO

I have been home for a couple weeks since summiting Kilimanjaro via the Lemosho route with Ultimate Kilimanjaro®, and have let the various concerns of city life delay this letter, but I feel that adding my voice to the many testimonials already on your website is important. It is how excellent guides get recognition and Salim certainly deserves that.

I have type 1 diabetes, and I knew this would be a challenge in some respects, certainly in regards to keeping my medication safe in very hot and very cold environments. But I was also worried that perhaps my team wouldn’t understand some of the symptoms and problems and could potentially confuse hypo/hyperglycemia with AMS. Salim put those fears to rest, however. He was, in his words, our “doctor on the mountain,” and took his job seriously, taking time to learn about my condition and medications. He was also exceptionally careful with my mother’s progress without being condescending, which is important to a woman with a bum knee but plenty of climbing experience.

His staff, which we understand were picked by him, was excellent. Goda, the waiter, was a more attentive one than many I’ve had in fine dining establishments here at home. The cook was able to make delicious meals out of very simple fare; I’ll never forget his creativity with the nightly soup. All the porters were friendly, enthusiastic and, most importantly, effective.

Salim, beyond taking exceptional care of us, was also a very pleasant hiking companion. His English was great, and he was quite the conversationalist. He also took time out of his in-between climbs break to have dinner with my mother and I and to show me around Moshi the day after our return, helping me avoid getting completely fleeced by the friendly but hustling locals. I consider him not just a guide but a friend, and would recommend him and Ultimate Kilimanjaro® in a heartbeat.

Tobias Coughlin-Bogue & Kerry Coughlin
Seattle, WA

Our team had an amazingly EPIC time. You have wonderful staff. Our guide John was amazing. He even gave them a grand tour of the city. Then he provided a constantly entertaining adventure the whole time on the mountain. The staff were very compassionate and understanding. Everyone was super accommodating.

We have attached a couple of pictures of the adventure and our summit. We, at World Wild Adventure Outdoors and TV, would love to say a great big thank you.

Judge Julie Mogenis
Host of World Wild Adventures TV
Hunt, TX

Thank you so much for helping me achieve the best trip of my life. I will be forever changed by my experiences in Tanzania. Before leaving, I had no idea if the climb up Mount Kilimanjaro or the 5 day safari would be the most rewarding.  Little did I know that getting to know the people of Tanzania would outweigh any other experience.

Upon arrival at the Kilimanjaro Airport, I noticed immediately that the airport personnel were all relaxed, friendly, and helpful. Without any problem, I was led to the people who were driving us to the hotel. Immediately, my fellow travelers introduced themselves and friendships began. We dined together that night at the hotel and met the following morning at breakfast. 

When we met our lead guide, John Chitanda, we liked him immediately. He was enthusiastic, friendly, knowledgeable, and spoke English very well. We knew we were in good hands. Our team comprised 6 people, from New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the U.S….A. We bonded easily and helped each other all along the way.  We took the Lemosho Route over an 8 day period on the mountain. It was arduous but great. All the people we encountered on the mountain were friendly. 

We were amazed how organized John kept his crew. There were 20 porters, 2 guides plus John, an assistant guide, a cook and a waiter. All the men were joyous and helpful. Even the porters who were not in our group greeted us all the time with friendly words and a smile. They were always way ahead of us, having set up the tents, boiled water, and started our meals long before we arrived at the camp site. By the way, every meal was delicious.  It was almost a miracle that such nourishing and tasty food could be prepared in primitive conditions.

There was never a moment I didn’t feel safe because a guide was always there to put my foot in the right place or to take my hand. By the time we reached the summit, and we all reached the summit, I felt that all three guides were my brothers. The entire trek offered unbelievable panoramic vistas.  We were one with nature. I would love to do this climb again in the near future. Africa is no longer the Dark Continent to me. 

I thank Ultimate Kilimanjaro® for a perfect 8 day experience on Mount Kilimanjaro. After a night’s rest, we were ready for the safari adventure. Our driver, Bonny Gunda, was extremely knowledgeable about the region and all the animals. He could be a zoologist. He also was a patient tutor in the Swahili language.  Bonny was an expert driver, as we experienced daily on the bumpy roads.  We saw practically every species of animal that lived in Tanzania and had ample opportunity to take photos. The accommodations were wonderful. Meals were also delicious. 

I can honestly say that it was a perfect trip and I highly recommend traveling through Ultimate Kilimanjaro® if you have the opportunity. 

Marlene K.
Williamsville, NY

The tour company we used was Ultimate Kilimanjaro®. Their website contains complete information about the different routes they offer to hike Kilimanjaro, training needed, prices, equipment lists, etc.

We chose this outfit, as they were mid-range in price and had wonderful reviews. They responded to my many questions quickly and effectively.

We also used Ultimate Kilimanjaro® for our five-day post-hike wildlife and cultural safari … another memorable experience

MaryAnn Gerst
Albuquerque, NM

I would highly recommend UK to anyone interested in hiking Mt Kilimanjaro. The guides were all extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and supportive. All 10 members of our group made it to the summit and I thank the guides and porters for ensuring our success. It was an amazing experience I will never forget trip.

Peter S.
New York, NY

Every guide and porter was amazing. They constantly went out their way to help us, make us feel safe, and kept our spirits lifted. They were all very approachable and friendly, and did an excellent job in making sure they got us to the summit (which all 6 of us did!) I could not of had a better experience and it was all due to the staff and the service they provided. Overall, an amazing experience and I would highly recommend this company to others. Thanks for a great trip!.

Annabel S.
Christchurch, England

I had a wonderful climb with Ultimate Kilimanjaro® and we reached the summit and down successfully thanks to the guides and porters and all the arrangements on ground by your tour company. I was very fortunate to be with very nice and wonderful group members. I had a blast. I would surely recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro® to anyone I know who wants to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

Ahmed M.
Warri, Nigeria

Ultimate Kilimanjaro® was our guiding company and we were pleased with their competence and supportive approach. Our team started together and ended together – all having seen the top of Africa! What an incredible experience.

CDF Kilimanjaro climb blog

Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada

I spent many months preparing for it and yet I still felt completely unprepared when I first set my eyes upon Mt Kilimanjaro’s peak that reached above the clouds and that was far too close to my airplane window! I felt that feeling of sheer panic again when I saw the vast mountain from our truck window as we approached the park gates on the first day of our climb. My luggage had also been lost and so this added to my anxiety.

My first night sitting around the table with almost 7 other strangers my feelings of anxiety soon began to subside: laughing and joking around a delicious meal that surpassed all my expectations of what we were going to eat on the mountain, we became an instant team. As our climb went on, our entire team, including our most excellent guide Godlisten, our assistant guides, and our porters grew very close. Our guide made sure I had everything I needed to be safe and comfortable on the mountain despite my lost luggage and the Ultimate Kilimanjaro® crew ensured that our spirits remained high throughout the entire climb. 7 of our team of 8 reached the summit and it is a moment in my life that I will never forget. I have travelled around the world quite a bit but I must admit that I have never walked away from a trip with such an amazing sense of accomplishment and I want to thank Ultimate Kilimanjaro® for the special memories I will hold dear forever.

Kathleen V.
Ottawa, Canada

My trip with Ultimate Kilimanjaro® was beyond awesome! Honestly I was a bit nervous on who I was going to end up paired with on my trip. I couldn’t have had a better team and we all had a blast and half. After days of tough slogging our nights were full of laughs and fun, I took the Lemosho route because of the high summit success rate and because of how beautiful the route is supposed to be and it didn’t disappoint. It was gorgeous and I got some awesome pictures. Although I will say that just because of the high summit success rate doesn’t mean it’s the easiest route, from the very beginning we all knew that it was going to be an eight days to be reckoned with. Seven out of eight of us made it to the top (including myself) and it was a fine end to a tough but very rewarding experience. Our main guide Richard V. was fantastic, very caring and well mannered he took care of us all very well. For instance on the way back down from the summit I blew out my back, Richard and our assistant guide Johnson walked the slow and steep downhill path with me, never begrudgingly but with a smile and good encouragement whenever I thought my back had finally had it. So amazing was everyone on my team it was like a match made in heaven.

I absolutely recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro® to anyone considering taking on this great challenge, if I were to ever go back and climb her again, Ultimate Kili would be my FIRST choice! I will never forget the friendships that were made and memories that will remain in my heart forever!

Charlie C.
Covina, CA

I summited Kilimanjaro on Christmas morning, 2013. What an incredible trip! Our tour guide Johnny was knowledgeable, friendly and a great hiker. In fact, our entire crew was wonderful. Over the course of a week-long hike, I enjoyed superb views, delicious food, and good company. Ultimate Kilimanjaro® was a great company to hire for this amazing experience!

Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema
United States Representative, Arizona
Arizona State Senate

I have just come back from my trip. I would like to inform you that my two friends and I had a wonderful time. We were truly impressed with the wonderful service that was provided by all the porters, guides, and cooks. I would also like to take a moment to mention about our guide Richard. The day before the climb our nerves were high and we were quite anxious, but meeting with Richard for the first time he reassured us and and put our minds at ease. He continued to do this for the rest of our climb, always encouraging us, making us laugh and being there for us whenever we needed him. The night we headed out for the summit climb I was feeling a little ill, and Richard was always there to encourage me and comfort me with an arm around me. Richard and his team were kind, selfless, and really fun to be with. I am really grateful for having a guide like him. I want to thank you for all the arrangements that you have made to make our trip a memory that I will cherish forever.

On behalf of my group I want to thank Richard, Johnson and the team for a wonderful trip.

Giselle S.
Toronto, Canada

Both Joe and I summited at Uhuru and it was overall a great experience. Thanks very much for your patience in answering our questions. It all contributed to a very positive experience.

Dean F.
Cambridge, Canada

HUGE thanks to Kevin and our local guides/team Theo, Buga, Gasper, George, Peter et al. You helped bring our dream to life. Our best experience EVER, our unreserved recommendation to anyone thinking of climbing Kilimanjaro – go do it and use these guys as the service, the support, the planning and the way you are looked after is superlative.

Alan and Nicole C.
Warrington, UK

I took my twin sons up Mount Kilimanjaro for their 21st Birthday in January 2013 and I couldn’t think of a better activity to do. I first saw the mountain from the Kenyan side 28 years ago and thought I’d be back but to do it with my sons made the trek even more worthwhile.

After checking out various websites I selected Ultimate Kilimanjaro® based on price and testimonials. I wasn’t disappointed as the staff at Ultimate were all really helpful and responded promptly to my queries. On arriving in Tanzania all activities happened to plan. The people were all all very friendly and helpful and there’s a good atmosphere at the hotel with trekkers coming and going.

I was really impressed with the way the guide and porters toiled to look after us. After striking camp they would forge ahead with uneven loads on their heads to ensure we had a tent over our heads and a warm meal ready to eat when we arrived at the next camp. Our guide was Godlisten and I’d really recommend him. He maintains a good rapport with his team of porters and is genuinely concerned for their welfare. This all works well for an enjoyable trek.

My respect for Godlisten really increased on summit day when one of my sons came down with AMS. Godlisten quickly assessed the situation and whisked him down the mountain to Barafu Camp before any harm was done. That’s the decisiveness I would expect in a guide when your welfare is very much in their hands. My other son and I went on to the summit with the assistant guide. Godlisten is quite a spiritual man and made the point of singing a hymn in Swahili to us each night. Maybe he assessed we needed it but on the mountain we were prepared to accept any assistance we could get.

My take always from the climb are several. We took the Lemosho route and I would highly recommend this for the additional acclimatization it affords and the wonderful scenery and flora. Trekking along the Shura plateau was one of the highlights for me. The sun is incredibly intense at altitude so next time I’ll definitely wear a bandana and cover up more – the sun burns any exposed skin in no time at all. Although we carried Diamox we decided not to take it. In the case of my son who suffered severe AMS it might have made the difference between summiting or not. But there were others who took Diamox and still suffered from AMS. I also vacillated over whether to pay for a private toilet or not. In the end I took Ultimate’s advice and did so. It really did make life much more convenient and provided a job for another porter at the same time.

Kilimanjaro was a fantastic experience and wouldn’t hesitate to use Ultimate once again.

Jon D.
Bangkok, Thailand

Kilimanjaro is seen in the mountaineering community as a mountain easily accessible and of no great technicality, I think it is for this reason that Kili has one of the highest failure rates out of all the seven summits. Many come to Africa expecting an easy hike and get turned around on the last day when the hike becomes an 8 hr grind to the summit. The mountain wasn’t easy and I definitely won’t be one of the people that say they have conquered the mountain. No climber ever conquers a mountain, we ask permission to walk on her sides and stand upon her summit and if the mountain lets you up and down without injury then be thank full.

It was 4 days up to Kibo hut which is situated at the base of the steepest part of the climb and the beginning of summit day. On the 5th morning we woke at midnight and pushed 7.15hrs to the summit of the largest free standing mountain in the world. It was a slow painful grind in the surprising cold with multiple false summits to really twist your mental when all you want to be is finished. Some quick photos on the summit for my sponsors and then a two hour decent back to Kibo. After two hours of rest and a quick meal it was a further thousand metres down and 10km before we could finally call our summit day over.

I have been to Africa three times before and every time I fall in love with its people and its simple way of life. “No hurry in Africa” is a phrase you will hear over and over again and to Sydney ears this can sound like profanity at first but once you accept it and go along with it you will find a simple way of life that just works no matter how chaotic or prehistoric it seems.

Luke Richmond
Oatlands, Australia

[note: Luke is attempting to be the youngest Australian to climb the seven summits. He has climbed five so far. Follow his progress at]

We managed to reach Uhuru Peak last saturday at 7:52 AM. The private trip was indeed an excellent organization effort . Ably guided by superman Abelly Maasai and asst. guide James, we made it to the roof of Africa. The crew was outstanding, patient and were encouraging us all the time and made us believe in ourselves. We thoroughly enjoyed the climb. A special shout out to the cook who provided us very good vegetarian food on the mountain. We would highly recommend you to all our friends who are interested in the climb.

Vidya R.
Bangalore, India

Reaching the top brought on a crazy mix of sharp and precisely focused senses – accomplishment… jubilation… exhilaration… privilege. There’s more, but mere words can’t do it justice. Making the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

World Wide Wondering climb blog

Katy and Michelle

The climb was great. Both daughters made it to Stella Point. They were pleased, but pooped. I had to turn around at about 17,500’ as my heart rate went too high and I was losing my balance, even with two sticks. My doctors had told me to go, but to be very cautious; which I was.

Both daughters said once is enough and they told me several times, that I must be mad to do this twice. But I do not mind and look back as done and by one more experience richer. 8 days of hard work and unusual elevation levels for us living in Florida.

The entire experience was great. Well organized and well done. Thanks a lot for a great trip. We will recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro® to others.

Michael S.
Cape Coral, FL

If you want to have a truly amazing experience on Mt. Kilimanjaro, Ultimate Kilimanjaro® is the company for you. They were great in helping us plan the logistics of the trip, determine what gear to bring and were always quick to answer any questions we had. Ultimate Kilimanjaro® constantly worked around our group’s changing schedule. As we kept adding more and more climbers, they kept responding, ‘Not a problem.’ Once in Tanzania, we were put up at a nice hotel, close to the mountain, and provided professional top notch guides to lead our 7-day Rongai trek.

Everything was first class with Ultimate Kilimanjaro®. I would definitely recommend them to other friends and family that want to hike up the mountain or go on safari.

Ryan E.
San Francisco, CA

Just returned to the US after climbing the mountain through Lemosho route. The climb was challenging, and so were the living conditions. But we were absolutely well taken care of by the wonderful crew of porters, guides and cooks. By the time we would reach our camps, our tents would be up, warm water to wash-up and the freshly cooked meals almost ready. The meals were well-thought out, nutritious and absolutely delicious. Some of the amenities were beyond our expectations and totally appreciated. The privy tent was specially appreciated. All these little things made the experience much more pleasurable. I do not have a single complaint and I will recommend UltimateKilimanjaro to all my friends.

Ghazala S.
Raleigh, NC

I meant to write you right after our trip but things have been busy. I just wanted to let you know that everything went great! Our guide Innocent was everything we expected and more. Innocent and his team were the reason we were able to make it up to the top without a problem, they really did a fantastic job. I would 100% recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro® and Innocent as a guide to anyone wanting to climb Kili! Attached is a picture of us on the summit. Thanks for all of your help!

Dan F.
Washington, DC

The trip went very well and more than met all of our expectations. Even a little inclement weather on summit night took nothing away from the overall enjoyment and experience. Special thanks to our guide Living and his assistant Thomas and the rest of the crew. There was definitely no getting to the top without them. The post climb safari, in particular Ngorongoro Crater, was also quite interesting and provided us with a much needed couple of days of just being able to sit back and take it all in.
Thanks for the help and coordinating effort from your end. I’d do this again.

Kelvin F.
Toronto, Canada

Imagine 8 people, mostly strangers to one another. Confronted by a very high, very cold mountain. With one goal: get to the top.

There I was -yes, I’d trained for about 7 weeks but when I bundled into the van with all the 20-somethings heading up the mountain in early August, 2011, my heart fell: was I going to be to the one to hold this vivacious group back? After all, I’ve not seen 20 for some decades. No worries. Immediate acceptance and friendliness and a sense that we were all in this together; there wouldn’t be winners, there wouldn’t be losers. The mountain might beat some of us to our knees, but we’d become an instant team.

No amount of reading about this can prepare you for the reality so I’ll keep it short; it’s both easier and harder than you think. Getting up there with the expert guides is relatively easy given a basic level of fitness and some luck (no severe mountain sickness). Getting down was painful and long. Did I mention long? Very very long.

So, UltimateKilimanjaro? Excellent. Excellent without compare. Total commitment to safety and the guides go the extra miles ensure safety and don’t just guide you up the mountain but assess you at virtually every step for evidence of mountain sickness and – indeed – your ability to go ahead safely. The guides (chief and assistant) helped me at every point, even insisting I give up my day pack for a while to be able to ascend safely. This was more than a professional concern – I had the sense of being encompassed by a group of people who really cared about my success and my safety. And this extended to my team of strangers; never once did I feel any resentfulness that I needed some extra help at some particularly difficult points. Total support.

Seven of the team made it to Uhuru; one couldn’t because of severe acute mountain sickness that persisted despite descent of about 6,000 feet.

Would I do it again? No it was as once-in-a-lifetime experience. But if I were to do it again, UltimateKilimanjaro would be my choice.

John F.
Vancouver, WA

We had a fabulous time and all (7 of us) made it to the summit, even with some real challenges. Dismas, our lead guide, was a fabulous person and an excellent guide; he deserves the highest commendation for excellent communication, support, and flexibility. And all of the support team were very helpful. Thank you again for all your help in setting this up and advising us in preparation for Kili.

Carole P.
Berkeley, CA

I just wanted to write to say a big thank you. My kilimanjaro climb was successful, and an awesome experience. The other members of the group, the entire staff (especially Theophili & Attely), the facilities, cuisine and equipment were superb. The 1st class treatment definitely exceeded my expectation. I would definitely use your services in the future and highly recommend you to friends and family.

Phil A.
Phoenix, AZ

Our guide Bruce, the assistant guides and the rest of guys did a first rate job. They were friendly, light-hearted, and caring bunch who used their knowledge, experience, and skill to get us all to the top. It was so reassuring to see how Bruce was well-known and respected on the mountain by the rangers and other groups. The Ultimate Kilimanjaro® crew made sure everybody had a safe, successful climb. They even took the time pass on knowledge to new porters regardless of which company they belonged to. On the way to Barranco Camp, assistant guide Fortunatus noticed that a porter from a rival group was gathering murky water at a low end of a stream by the trail. He correctly advised him to walk further upstream to gather water as it would be less contaminated. The porter then emptied his water container and started hiking up the ridge to follow Fort’s advice. This was just one of the many examples of the professionalism of our crew. They were great and I can’t thank them enough for a memory of a lifetime! Ultimate Kilimanjaro® definitely delivered the goods and I highly recommend them to anyone.

Peter T.
Renton, WA

We recently returned from our adventures in Tanzania and cannot thank Ultimate Kilimanjaro® enough for the amazing trip! They planned everything from our climb to safari and answered all our questions prior to departing. As you can tell, they also have an excellent website with all of the information you need. Our climbing guide Richard is one of the best on the mountain. He is definitely the reason I made it to the summit. Our entire group was successful thanks to him! We chose the Lemosho route and highly recommend it. The scenery is fantastic and the trails and camps are quiet the first couple of days. We followed our climb with a 5-day safari that also comes highly recommended. Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater, and the Serengeti are beautiful places with tons of animals to see. It was definitely a trip of a lifetime!

Melissa A., Jack S., Brett C., and Shanna M
New York, NY

I just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you for giving us a great starting point for our Kilimanjaro climb. We thought the 8 day Lemosho Route was awesome, not only for the scenery, but also for the way it really follows the “hike high, sleep low” mantra you often hear when dealing with altitude.

Our guide, Theo, was an excellent resource – he had been to the summit over 300 years in his 10 years as a guide, and he treated us well. He was watching us from day 1, measuring our ability and keeping a pace that was appropriate for us. His knowledge paid off – All 8 people in our group made the summit.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks. I don’t know what else to say – it was an unbelievable experience that is hard to put into words.

Travis R.
Noblesville, IN

I want to thank Ultimate Kilimanjaro® for a great trip to Tanzania. Everything was arranged with the local company when we got there and we had no worries during the trip. Our climb guide, Jacobs, and the rest of the climb staff were excellent. They were all very professional and patient with us during our 7-Day Rongai trek. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done and they were the main reason why we made it to Uhuru Peak! The 5 Days on safari was very exciting. Sleeping in the middle of the Serengeti desert was a once in a lifetime experience. And our safari guide, Papu, was very fun, knowledgeable and accommodating.

I would definitely recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro® to anyone interested in a trip to Tanzania. I had the best time! .

Kizzie C.
Brooklyn, NY

Ultimate Kilimanjaro® arranged a truly fantastic trip for us. We successfully climbed Kilimanjaro along the beautiful Lemosho route with excellent guides and porters who always took great care of us. Our guide, Bruce, was very attentive. He organized the porters, food, and equipment so that we never waited for anything. Bruce made every effort to make sure that we were comfortable, safe, and happy. We had the experience of a lifetime.

Anton’s blog

Anton K.
London, United Kingdom

The trip was amazing, the Tanzanian people are among the friendliest and accommodating I have ever come across, and I have nothing but respect for the porters and guides who take this trip twice a month! The last night was one of the hardest of my lives, and is an accomplishment that can only be truly appreciated with hindsight.

Anthony F.
Dublin, Ireland

Ultimate Kilimanjaro® arranged a superb trip in Tanzania for us. We successfully climbed Kilimanjaro with excellent guides who took great care of us and made every effort to make sure we were comfortable, safe, and happy. Filbert was an excellent guide, organizing the porters, food, and equipment masterfully. He uses the same staff for most of his climbs, so they know exactly what he wants them to do and where to place the campsites. So, we always had the best location at the mostly crowded camps. The food was very good, though way more than we could eat. We were extremely happy with both Filbert and Jackson and our cook, Moses. Filbert also knows a great deal about the flora of the mountain, so told us about all the flowers, trees, shrubs and ecosystems. We really enjoyed that. He has obviously taken the time to learn everything he could so that he adds a lot of value to those climbers who are interested. We couldn’t have been more pleased with our climb. Filbert is also a rice farmer. When we got back to Moshi, he took us out to his farm and explained the whole process of growing and harvesting rice to us. Very thoughtful of him and very interesting to us.

Ultimate Kilimanjaro® also planned a wonderful safari, with visits to 4 of Tanzania’s best national parks. Our safari guide was very good and very knowledgeable about the parks, the animals, and the ecosystems. Our 3 weeks in Tanzania will always be a highlight for us.

Gail Schoettler
Parker, CO

[note: Gail is a former United States Ambassador, Colorado Lt. Governor and State Treasurer]

We had a great time. Our guide Bruce was fantastic. His assistant and the rest of the porters were amazing.

Even though this was my second trip, I’m already wanting to go back and do it again.

Jim B.
Bonner Springs, KS

I originally selected Ultimate Kilimanjaro® after researching numerous tour operators on the internet. The UK website provided all of the information necessary for a successful climb and their prices are very fair. I took my two teenage sons to climb Kilimanjaro followed by a safari to Lake Manyara, the Serengeti, and Ngorongoro crater. Unfortunately, my sons got AMS and we didn’t reach the summit but the safari was outstanding.

Disappointed that I didn’t get a chance to summit, a month later I booked another climb with UK via the Rongai route. I think my guide John did a great job of acclimatizing me with 3 acclimatization hikes out of our second cave and third cave camps. I also took Diamox this time which probably helped too. I didn’t suffer from any AMS symptoms which made summit day very enjoyable and I successfully reached Uhuru Peak. I even felt good enough to walk down to the glacier and see the ice up close.

Thank you UK for your first class service and careful attention to details, all I had to do was show up and walk! My sons were a little jealous when I returned but also happy for me. My older son is inspired and wants to return for another chance to summit. He (or we) will make sure to book again with Ultimate Kilimanjaro®, I am very satisfied with your service.

Durland McCaslin
Powder Springs, GA

Project C:Change

Project C:Change website

We had an amazing time. Our guide was excellent. He seemed to have a sixth sense for when people were struggling or feeling unwell, and concentrated 100% on helping and making things more comfortable for us. I was sick one day (stomach cramps etc) and the difference a caring guide made was astounding.

Our summit day was great fun, and we all made it safely to the top. The guide/assistant guides were extremely vigilant, ensuring we were safe and happy at all stages of the summit day!

Justin’s Kilimanjaro climb blog

Justin M.
Dublin, Ireland

Our recent trip to Tanzania with Ultimate Kilimanjaro® was fantastic. The website acted as a comprehensive guide for gear and route selection as well as providing a one stop shop to get the most out of our trip (we added a two day safari after our climb). All queries were answered promptly.

Special thanks goes out to our guide Mohammad who insured my wife made the summit – the assistant guide and porters were also fantastic. The guide, assistant guide and porters seemed to perceive exactly how you were feeling (I had AMS for 4 days during the trip) and manage their support accordingly – they allowed for the maximum feeling of personal achievement balanced with the right amount of support/encouragement.

We had chosen the 8-day Lemosho route. At the beginning the campsites had little traffic. As we approached the summit and the numbers increased, our guide, assistant guide and porters always insured we had a great camping spot with access to toilets, etc. – you would be amazed at how important this becomes.

We saw an abundance of wildlife during our safari in Lake Manyara/Ngorongoro Crater including a herd of elephants walking within feet of our 4WD and the two day safari post climb provided a great time to relax and catch our breath.

Liam M.
Kingston, United Kingdom

We made it all the way to the summit thanks to the wonderful guides. They were very receptive to each individuals needs and abilities. I have a food allergy and they were very careful and respectful of my food needs. The whole mountain staff was great and we had a very positive experience.

Katie G.
Englewood, CO

Both of us had a fantastic time on the trip. Everything from the point we stepped out of the airport to the point we went back to the airport really left us spellbound! Although Shruti made it to Uhuru and I went up to only Gilman every step of the way was fun! It was also really physically challenging and both of us felt like dying at some point but now it only seems funny when I think about it. Coming down from Uhuru to Gilman was a real challenge and I am not sure I would get to do anything like it again in my life. For nearly two hours I came down sliding on mud, which is how the terrain was from Kibo hut to Gilman point.

Over and above everything the best part of the trip was really the crew. We got to know everyone by name and got along really well. Our guide and assistant guide were fantastic chaps. We really felt lucky to have them as our guides at the point we got altitude sickness. The sickness hit me big time midway between Gilman point and Uhuru while Shruti went all the way to Uhuru and then got hit. From the point we got sick our guides nearly carried us all the way from the top to Kibo hut – nearly 1100 mts descend for 2 hours. I cant begin to imagine how lucky we were to have good guys with us because we heard other people on the trip say that their guides sucked big time. The other crew including the porters, cooks were also really fantastic. The food, although very simple by earthly standards was fantastic on the mountain. With the travel itself being so minimalistic the food that these guys prepared was really awesome. In fact when both of us got altitude sickness, they took requests from us and made special stuff for us. At the end of the trip we felt so good about the entire crew that we took them out to dinner (about 9 of them) at one of the best places in Moshi town.

Vijai S. & Shruti C.
Naperville, IL

Ultimate Kilimanjaro® was phenomenal in arranging the best possible trip for us and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone wanting a hassle-free straightforward experience. Dealing with a company in the U.S…. who knows exactly what they are doing made things so much easier because I had full trust and confidence. Their local tour company is the best and most experienced group around.

Our guide was a staggering 12-year veteran guide with a jaw-dropping 100% success rate in getting clients to the top. All of the porters and workers were incredibly hard-working and were instrumental to our success. We felt that we were better prepared than most other climbers there because of Ultimate Kilimanjaro®’s excellent website that gives vital information for preparation.

Thank you so much for making our one year wedding anniversary an unforgettable experience that changed us forever.

Ton P.
Brookline, MA

I went to Kilimanjaro through Ultimate Kilimanjaro® and had an amazing trip. I started working with Ultimate back in early June to plot out my trip. I ended up doing a 7 day climb via Lemosho and a 5 day safari afterward. The trip lived up to if not exceeded expectations. Ultimate did a very good job of prepping me for the trip, the site has a lot of useful information and helped us prepare for the trip. I’ve done a lot of international traveling (25+ countries) and used plenty of tour operators, I can readily admit Ultimate is one of the best operators I’ve used.

They’re very prompt and straight forward with their responses. I had some last minute adjustments with my trip and Ultimate was able to work around my conflicts to make sure things work. During the climb, we interacted with several other tour groups; Ultimate offered some of the best services that we encountered. Compared to some of the fancy brand name operators (Tusker, Thomson, REI), Ultimate was able to hold its own. I was unable to see any difference between our campsite (food, tent) and the big names. This was very surprising considering some of those operators charge 2x-3x more than what we paid.

Vijay Ramanavarapu
Bay Area, CA

I had a great time on the Kilimanjaro trip. It was the highest peak I have ever been on. I think anyone with fair physical fitness can make it to the top and enjoy the experience of life time. Good company with friendly staff!

James L.
Freemont, CA

We had a great trip and Victor Kilawe, our leader, was super. We were so well looked after and watched so all went well for safety. Food was also very enjoyable and we were well fed. Victor’s team just worked in the background to ensure our trip was made the best. Victor even gave up his gloves on summit night to our friend who was wearing 2 pairs of gloves – his hands were still so cold. Victor I was told just put his hands in he’s pockets. I had constant help scrambling over the large rocks and we were all helped out at times with our packs being carried. Marcus reached the summit and was so grateful for the guide. Marcus said he really helped him as he said he would not have made it without that help and encouragement. Man made it almost to Stella Point and just could not go any further. I did not go as with my age I really could not go for 14 plus hours without sleep. However I had a great adventure to high camp and it was a great experience requiring lots of puff and many pleasures. I would have to recommend Victor and his crew. Just observing him, he is so well liked and respected and we feel very lucky he was our leader. Thank you for all your advice and time answering my many questions. We all had a super trek.

Vanessa H.
Lilyfield, Australia

We had a great time. The local operator did a great job and put together a great team. For the cost, I feel we got a great deal. Our summit day went quite smoothly. It was nearly a one to one ratio between guide and hiker which I thought was great and very safe.

I will certainly recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro® to anyone who wishes to travel to Tanzania. I don’t know how you do it, but it was nice to have such prompt service.

We also had a great time in the Ngorongoro Crater.

Thank you again,

Esther K.
Besthesda, MA

Thank you Ultimate Kilimanjaro® for a great trip! Climbing the mountain was one of the most rewarding experiences of a lifetime and I could not have done it without the support of my fellow climbers, our guide, Future, and the rest of the hard-working team of porters, cooks, etc. From day 1, we were made to feel part of a family, which helped inspire and encourage each other when the climbing got tough. I appreciate the ability to meet so many people from around the world as well as learn more about the country of Tanzania. Our 4 day Safari in Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti was just as incredible and we can’t thank our guide, Zamo, enough for teaching us about the landscape, animals, etc. My friends and family were amazed by our pictures and appreciate you pulling together such a great trip for us. We will definitely be back!!!

Carolyn H.
New York, NY

Climb for a Cure

Climb for a Cure blog

I had a perfect trip! Tanzania is not to be missed if you can possibly do it! I did the 8 day Lemosho route and it was absolutely wonderful. From talking to lots of different people on the mountain, who were doing lots of different routes, it seemed to me that the Lemosho is the way to go. It’s beautiful! The food is a simpler menu then what I adhere to at home but it was very good and there was plenty of it at all times. During my entire trip I did not get ill one time which I see as a testament to the sanitary conditions that prevailed. The people of Tanzania and especially the guides and porters are a delight. The Serengeti was great but the Ngorongoro Crater was something else. I got to see the African “Big 5” several times over (Lion, Cape Buffalo, Cheetah, Rhino and Elephant) along with thousands of Zebras, Giraffes, and all the other animals you would expect. I took over 1000 digital pics and now I’m faced with the pleasant task of culling them. In closing I would like to recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro® to anyone anticipating a climb of Kilimanjaro or just a Tanzanian safari.

Gil N.
Lake Havasu City, AZ

Annie and I just returned from our 3 month trip to Africa. We had a great time! I would like to thank you at Ultimate Kilimanjaro® for setting up our trip to the Serengeti and the climb up Kilimanjaro. Everything went smooth, beginning with our arrival, even though the airlines lost some of our luggage. Simon was kind enough to wait for us while we filled out our forms for lost luggage. He even picked it up when it arrived the next day and delivered it to us.

We have always wanted to see the Crater and the Serengeti and until you go, you can’t really appreciate the magnitude of the area or the spectacle of the migration! We saw over a hundred lions, thousands and thousands of Wildebeest and Zebras, Elephants, Cheetahs, Leopards, and so much more. We had Robert for our guide for the two weeks and I can’t say enough about what a great guide he was and what a quality person he is. He was very knowledgeable and had eyes like a hawk for spotting the animals. The Serengeti Wildcamp was a special place. What a great setup! The comfort of home in the bush! All the people at the camp were very nice and the service was outstanding! They even surprised Annie with a birthday cake at dinner on her birthday. Nice touch!

As you know, we climbed the Lemosho route up Kilimanjaro. That was an incredible experience! Our guide was Dismis and he was a top notch guide which we would highly recommend. He made sure we made it to the summit which we did on a beautiful sunrise and he kept us safe the entire time. His porters were very good and very nice people. The food was much better than we had expected for an eight day hike. We had beautiful weather the entire 8 days and have great memories for the rest of our lives. We are very happy that we chose you to set up our trip and were very impressed with your local operator.

Ted and Anne S.
Vail, CO

We’re back in the states and recovered after a great trip. Thanks for your help in getting us all squared away and set up to be successful on our travel and the climb. The folks we worked with in Tanzania from the drivers, to the hotel staff to the great guide and staff who really helped get us up the mountain were all top notch as well. Thanks again.

Matt B.
Sacramento, CA

Thanks to the arrangement of Ultimate Kilimanjaro®, everything went smoothly for both of our climb and safari. We made a short and quick decision to climb Kilimanjaro only 6 weeks ahead. Ultimate Kilimanjaro® made our booking and planning a lot easier. The transaction was fast and convenient. We were able to find almost all the information we needed on their website. The staff was always there to answer any questions we had. I wish I had listened their advice on not to overpack. Being a vegetarian, I was worried that I may not be able to get enough vegetarian protein in the mountain. So I packed all kinds of nuts with me and ended up giving them away at the end of the climb. The food was a lot better than we expected on the mountain and was exceptional during the safari. We even had pasta for dinner the night before summit. Fellow climbers were so envious that I had such a good appetite at high elevations.

Our guides Theophili and Arsen made sure we were well taken care of. Theophili is a strong leader who kept reminding me that Kilimanjaro is a mountain and tiredness is common when I was so sleepy. Arsen helped carry my daypack when he noticed that I was exhausted and lagging behind. Being an avid runner and having summited a couple 14ers in California, I always thought I could make it to Africa’s roof, I just didn’t think it would be that hard. I don’t think we could ever have made it to Uhuru Peak without the constant drive and attention from Theophili and Arsen. Climbing Kilimanjaro is certainly not a walk in the park. We also owe our thanks to our cook, waiter, and porters, who are truly the most amazing people on Kilimanjaro. Now to my running friends who think they are tough and fast, I have to say that I could pick any one of the porters and chances are he could outrun any of them.

We would also like to thank our safari guide Henry and cook Msafiri. Henry was great in showing us animals we almost missed during game drive. He had been very patient while we just couldn’t take enough pictures of those wild animals. Msafiri is a very good cook who made sure we were well fed. I never missed the food in Bay Area during my trip in Tanzania. Thanks again to Ultimate Kilimanjaro®. We had a wonderful time. We will definitely refer our friends for their trip to Tanzania.

Danwei and Yujie
Bay Area, CA

I had a great experience with my successful climb up to Uhuru peak along the Marangu route. The staff at the hotel was friendly and courteous. The fact that the hotel was private and secure was also comforting since it was the first trip I’d ever taken to Africa. The guide provided was friendly, experienced, and did not ask me to do anything more than I was capable of doing. The rest of the staff, including the porters, cook, and waiter, were all excellent. Overall, I’d rate everything from Ultimate Kilimanjaro®’s willingness to answer any questions I had about the trip, to the staff, accommodations, and food in Tanzania as an A+. I would definitely book through Ultimate Kilimanjaro® again.

Mark T.
Bonita, CA

I have just come back to Ireland after a successful climb via the Machame Route to Uhuru Peak. I went with my sixteen year old daughter and my brother-in-law and we booked the whole trip through Ultimate Kilimanjaro®. They organised the porters, guides, cook, tents, food water, etc. so that when we arrived everything was ready to go. Our trip went extremely well, we spent 6 days on the mountain and we all got to the summit. Though not the cheapest, they were very well organised and without issue. I would use Ultimate Kilimanjaro again and would recommend them to anyone who wants everything organised and hassle free.

Fin O.
Kilcullen, Ireland

Our trip was near perfect. Both Jeff & I were impressed at how organized everything was. From the airport shuttles, the hotels, the climb, to the safari, everything went off without a hitch. On the climb our waiter (Wahzeelee) did everything possible to make sure we were having a great time and didn’t want for anything. The guides were knowledgeable and very accommodating for a couple of “flatlanders” like us.

On the safari our guide Henry went way out of his way to show us some amazing sites (way more than we had expected to see). We will never forget sitting outside in our chairs at our tent site in the evenings listening to the lions and the zebras go through their nightly ritual on the Serengeti. The wait staff (especially Jovin) and all the workers at the hotel were really wonderful people who made us feel like we were right at home. The food was good and plenty of it. We were not ready to leave.

I would highly recommend this trip for anyone looking for an adventure and a good time.
Thanks for everything!

Jay M.
Gaylord, MI

My experience was absolutely incredible. As far as the trip, hike and tour in their entirety, I speak and think highly of the land and the people. It’s a beautiful land with beautiful people. The culture is one to be prepared for, but it’s always a shock when you experience it in person on hand. The experience I had with UK was just as pleasing. I was more than positively surprised at the support of the staff.

April Y.
Beavercreek, OH

The trek up the Machame route was fantastic. I can’t say enough good things about my guide (Coleman) and his crew. The meals cooked and served along the way were wonderful. I didn’t know until later, but apparently Coleman was closely monitoring my food intake. When we got to Karanga camp at noon on Sunday (October 12), Coleman asked (during lunch) if I would like to skip that camp site, and go on up to the Barafu site and go for the summit the next morning. I was leery, but he assured me that I would have a much better chance to make to the top if we went a day early. I had not suffered any altitude sickness – no headaches or nausea to that point, so I said OK. He later told me that I wasn’t eating enough, and that he was concerned I would not have the energy to make it to the top with 4 more meals of not eating enough. I thought I was “packing it in”, but apparently it wasn’t enough. Anyway, we did go on to Barafu camp and began the summit ascent at a little after midnight. I have to admit that there were a couple of times that I wondered if I could make it, but with Coleman’s encouragement and plenty of rest stops, we made it. We got to the top at about 6:30 a.m. Monday morning (October 13) and got to Uhuru peak a little before 7:30 a.m.

The trip to the top was difficult, but definitely bearable because the scenery was so beautiful. I didn’t have to contend with any joint problems or altitude sickness problems. I was looking forward to the hike down, but little did I know that that was going to be the most difficult part (for me). I’ve had 5 knee surgeries and have a bad hip. They didn’t bother me going up, but going down was agony. When we got to the bottom I was even more grateful that we went to the summit a day early so that I would have an extra day at the hotel to rest and recuperate before the long trip home.

I had a fabulous trip, and would not hesitate to recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro® to anyone. They took great care of me and were always available to answer questions. At my age, this is not a trip I will ever take again, so it truly was a once in a lifetime experience. I would however recommend it to anyone with a spirit of adventure or anyone who wants to see scenery like none other on earth.

Steve E .
Broken Arrow, OK

Just wanted to inform you that we completed our climb yesterday [July 30, 2010]. Our service was perfect. Our guide, Yusuf Ngaina, was very experienced and like a good coach, he was able to extract the best performance out of us and finally lead my brother and I to the summit. Yusuf’s crew was also very professional and well-versed with the mountain. I am extremely grateful that I came across Ultimate Kilimanjaro® and would highly recommend Yusuf and his team specifically to any future climbers. Thank you again for your help in organizing this trip.

Faisal M.
Calgary, Canada

Brendan S.
Edmonton, Canada

I researched and considered at least eight tour operators – including local and international, expensive and budget companies. But I “ultimately” chose Ultimate Kilimanjaro® for the value of their climbs/safaris and the quality customer service. Ultimate Kilimanjaro® was very patient in answering all of my questions over the course of several weeks while I tried to find the best route and safari itinerary for my six-person group. In Tanzania, each and every aspect of our tour was executed without a hitch, which is no easy feat, as anyone whose ever travelled in Africa can attest to.

Mark P.
Colorado Springs, CO

We had an incredible time. We had beautiful weather, a great guide, good food and made it to the summit without any real problems. It was an unbelievable experience. I would highly recommend Ultimate Kilimanjaro® to anyone interested in booking a Kilimanjaro trek. Being US based was definitely a benefit since we received timely and coherent communications, which wasn’t the case with a lot of the tour operators I spoke with prior to booking a trip. Everything about our trip went smoothly and the accommodations in Moshi, the food on the mountain and our guide were all exceptional.

Bryon L.
Greenville, SC

Marc’s Kilimanjaro summit blog

Marc V., Alex V. and Gary W.
Shanghai, China

Thanks for everything! Jack and I made it to the top successfully. We both had headaches and were totally exhausted on summit day, but our guide watched us carefully and encouraged us throughout the night to make it for sunrise. The glaciers were the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. We are thrilled with the service we received. Everything was smooth and well organized from the time we stepped off the plane until the day we sadly had to leave. I’m definitely going to recommend your company to my friends who are looking to climb next season.

Sara S.
Lincolnwood, IL

Emmanuel was our guide for our 7-day trek up the Lemosho route on Kilimanjaro. Emmanuel immediately distinguished himself as a knowledgeable and caring guide. Being anxious and determined to successfully make it to the top of Kilimanjaro, we really appreciated Emmanuel’s calm presence as we started out on the trail. He immediately made sure we maintained a philosophy of going ‘pole-pole’, and that we had plenty of time each day. His funny and laid back sense of humor was also much appreciated. As we got closer to Emmanuel, we discovered we shared similar tastes in movies and music. At nights he and I listened to his ipod together. Each night after dinner, Emmanuel spent a lot of time briefing us on what to expect the next day. Again, his calm demeanor and constantly accurate predictions on how demanding each day would be made us comfortable and completely prepared for what lie ahead.

The 5th day was summit day, and Emmanuel truly went above and beyond our expectations. After hiking for many hours in the freezing cold and strong wind, my girlfriend Christina was becoming more and more exhausted, and was having doubts on how much further she could go. Emmanuel carried Christina’s pack for her, and constantly gave her words of encouragement. Finally, less than 2 hours from the summit, Christina made the difficult decision that she could proceed no further. Our Assistant Guide, Pascal, offered to take Christina down, while Emmanuel guided me the rest of the way up the slope. As I grew more and more tired, Emmanuel constantly remained positive, and offered to carry my bag numerous times. He maintained a perfect pace, and made sure I was doing everything I needed to do to be successful in climbing the mountain. I would say his primary objective was safety and success together. I made it to the top and got a congratulatory hug from Emmanuel. He took some great pictures for me while we were at the top.

He really demonstrated his abilities as a strong guide, and a fun and positive companion to have with me at the top of the highest peak in Africa. Upon our return to base camp, I discovered that Pascal did a great job of bringing Christina down safely. Christina was devastated that she did not make it to the top, but Emmanuel was very proud of her, and congratulated her on how far she got. The staff worked together to provide us with an unforgettable experience on Kilimanjaro.

Ultimate Kilimanjaro® did an outstanding job of answering all of our questions, and giving us very helpful suggestions. Also the Ultimate Kilimanjaro® website is extremely well done. My trip has inspired many of my friends and family to want to travel to Tanzania. I will definitely be referring them straight to Ultimate Kilimanjaro®.

Austin L.
San Francisco, CA

Loveall Foundation Kilimanjaro Challenge

Climbing for the Children blog

Our guide, Future, and his assistant, Haji, were amazing. Future is one of the few Tanzanians I have met with a truly ambitious spirit, and Haji is the hardest-working person I have met in a long time. I questioned whether that kid slept. I would never have made it to the peak without Future. He literally held my hand, listened to my breathing the whole way up and stopped when he heard it getting shallow…or heard me crying, which I’m embarrassed to admit happened a couple of times. But we’re glad we did it, and we now have a benchmark for truly challenging situations. Thanks for all your help!

Karen L.
Philadelphia, PA

We had a most memorable trip to Kilimanjaro via the Machame route in Sept ’09! Although only two of our team of four made it to the top, we all had an awesome Kilimanjaro experience. Our chief guide Theophil, assisted by Filbert and Faustine, made sure we had a safe and enjoyable climb. I recommend them highly, and will plan another trip to Kili with them soon! Thanks to Ultimate Kilimanjaro® for organizing a great trip for us!

Rajesh Whig
Spartanburg, SC

The guides and porters were simply great during the whole trip. David watched us very carefully throughout the climb and made it a point to talk to us constantly to make sure we were ok. He was a big help to all of us, especially on summit day. We were most impressed by the work the porters do. They carried so much more stuff than we did (on their heads!) and were able to run ahead of us and set everything up so we literally didn’t have to do anything at camp. 

Much of our success is attributable to the wonderful staff. The climb was tough, and I hated it at the time when I was tired, cold and hungry, but after, I felt a great sense of accomplishment. Would I do it again? Yes, and I would recommend it to anyone. 

It’s a beautiful mountain, a mostly pleasant experience, and I will cherish the memories forever. 

Jessica Robin
Mesa, AZ

I had originally booked with a different company (located in Tanzania). But once I wired my $200 deposit, their communication with me became very brief or nonexistent. Meanwhile, Ultimate Kilimanjaro® answered my many questions with great detail, even sent me photos and info links, all the while knowing I was already set to go with a competitor. When I had enough of the other place, I booked with Ultimate Kilimanjaro® instead – a professional, yet easy-going company that provides great service to its customers (and even it’s non-customers!). I had the experience of a lifetime. Thank you!

Jerry M.
Boca Raton, FL

Paul C. and Nancy W.
Cupertino, CA