Long Drop Toilets

There are “long drop” public toilets at every campsite.

Essentially, they are wooden structures built around a deep hole dug into the ground. There are no commodes in the public toilets. You relieve yourself in a hole cut into the bottom of the shack in a standing or squatting position. Given the crowds on Kilimanjaro, these public toilets see a lot of use and therefore can get rather dirty. You can smell the stench from a distance.

Thankfully, our clients do not need to use the public toilets.

Private Toilets

We provide private toilet tents for our clients on all of our climbs. Private toilets consist of a portable plastic toilet and a privacy tent. These will be set up at each campsite. Our staff (a designated “toilet porter”) maintains the toilet tent to make sure it is clean and ready for use.

On the Trail

While on the trail, you can take bathroom breaks in nature. Find a bush, tree or rock to get behind and handle your business. Though you are not expected to pack out your poop, it is good and ethical practice to carry your dirty toilet paper. You can discard it in the trash at the next campsite.

In Your Tent

At night, you might want to consider using a “pee bottle” so you don’t have to leave your tent.

Are There Showers on Kilimanjaro?

There are no shower facilities on the mountain.