Undoubtedly, Mount Kilimanjaro is the magnet which attracts the majority of our clients to East Africa, many trekkers take advantage of spending some time on a wildlife safari either before, or usually after, their Kilimanjaro climb.

Tanzania is considered to be the best safari destination on earth.

Therefore it would be a shame to come all the way here and not take advantage of the wildlife viewing opportunities.

Don’t let the name Ultimate Kilimanjaro® fool you – we are one of the most active safari companies in Tanzania.

We offer private safaris with one to seven day itineraries. Whether you have a short stay or extended vacation, Ultimate Kilimanjaro® has an itinerary that suits your desires. From the depths of Ngorongoro Crater to the savannas of the Serengeti, our expert guides take you to the heart of the action.

Download The Ultimate Kilimanjaro® Safari Guide and see what it’s like to explore Tanzania’s wildlife parks with us.

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Our Safari Guides

Ultimate Kilimanjaro® safari guides are experts in the field, literally.

Our team is comprised of professional driver-guides who have impressive resumes of wildlife ecology and ecotourism. Each guide spends at least six full months per year on safari in northern Tanzania’s game parks and reserves, building their knowledge and experience. Their intimate knowledge of the area pays off big when it comes to spotting, tracking, and observing animals. This talent cannot be overstated.

With a vast communication network with other guides, our guides have many eyes and ears on the ground at all times. We’ll bring you close to the action for an unforgettable encounter with the region’s most admired animals.

Our Safari Vehicles

Our clients tour Tanzania in rugged, four wheel drive Toyota Land Cruisers – the standard for safaris in Africa.

We have a fleet of well maintained vehicles with custom pop up roofs for the best game viewing experience. Our Land Cruisers can seat from four to seven passengers, depending on the length of the vehicle. Bottled water and electrical outlets are available in the vehicles.

Safari Animals

The Big Five safari animals – lions, leopards, elephants, buffalo, and rhino – can all be found in Tanzania.

There are more than four million wild animals in Tanzania representing 430 different species and subspecies. The country houses some 20% of Africa’s large mammal population. Some of the most well-known African mammal species are native to Tanzania.

Tanzania has the highest number of predators in Africa. Coveted sightings of big cats (lions, leopards, cheetahs) are common. Some might even get to witness these predators stalk, chase and catch their prey. Other carnivores that you can see include hyenas, crocodiles, honey badgers, mongooses, servals, and several species of jackal and fox.

On game drives, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of plain animals that reside in the country’s parks and conservation areas. Elephants, giraffes, zebras, antelopes, impalas, gazelles, kudus, topis, hartebeests, elands, bushbucks, warthogs, and hippos all live here. The list of Tanzanian primates include baboons, vervet monkeys, colobus monkeys, and blue monkeys.

There are also over 1,000 species of birds including ostrich, starlings, cranes, storks, owls, falcons, ducks, weavers, avocets, shags, herons, oxpeckers, kingfishers, rollers, weavers, vultures, sandpipers, and eagles. 

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