I Booked a Kilimanjaro Climb. Now What?

With the selection of travel dates and a climbing route, and the payment of the trip deposit, it suddenly becomes very real. You are climbing Kilimanjaro.

First there is excitement. Then fear. You wonder if you will be ready for the physical exertion, the high altitude, and the many days of camping. “What have I gotten myself into?” people ask themselves.

Relax. This is a very common and perfectly normal sequence of thoughts after booking a Kilimanjaro trek. Many of our clients have gone through the same emotions and then thrived on the mountain. It’s just a matter of preparation – physical, mental and logistical.

So how do you prepare?

Get Educated

Read as much as you can about climbing Kilimanjaro. You can start with the best site there is on all things Kilimanjaro – ours. The Ultimate Kilimanjaro website and blog contain everything you need to know about your trip.

If you are short on time, at a minimum read through our climb preparation page, on the mountain page, and mountain safety page. By following the preparation instructions, you will know what you need prior to arrival such as a passport, visa, gear, vaccinations, insurance and flights. The other pages set your expectations for what it is like to be on the mountain during your climb and what to be aware of in terms of safety. Learning about AMS is very important!

In addition, we encourage you to visit Kilimanjaro forums such as TripAdvisor to read through people’s questions and answers. Every topic is covered, from which gear to buy to Tanzania travel tips.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Are you more visual? Then you can watch plenty of climb videos on Youtube. Some visitors record and discuss their experiences in a short summary video like this one:

Other document each day in detail, like this series:

Each video offers a different perspective and may be useful for you. It’s great to see the terrain, the campsites, the weather… everything. We don’t want you to be surprised by anything on the mountain unless it’s our excellent service. The more you know, the better you will feel about your  upcoming climb.

Ask Us

Of course, you can always contact our expert Ultimate Kilimanjaro staff to ask any specific questions. Every member of staff has successfully climbed Kilimanjaro so we know exactly how it feels to be sitting where you are.

We are happy to help!