For us, Mount Kilimanjaro is home. 

We are happy to have shared our home with the thousands of guests who have come to visit over the years. Often, our clients have expressed much gratitude for the way we have taken care of them during their time here. And they say that the experience has made them a better, more fulfilled, and complete person.

Here are the 7 top ways climbing Kilimanjaro can enrich your life.

1. Going to a Place Few Get to See

We all can look at beautiful pictures of far away places. And we all yearn to go to these destinations. But putting in the time and energy to actually get there is another story.

For most, Tanzania is on the other side of the world and considered to be out of reach. So by coming here, you are visiting a place that few ever get to see. When you do make it to the summit of Kilimanjaro, you can rest assure that you are of the special ones who have made it. Go ahead and revel in the beauty and rarity of such a view.

2. Respect for the Environment

It’s well known that humans are encroaching into natural environments, which is damaging ecosystems worldwide. Being in the outdoors has the ability to reinforce our respect for the environment and our duty to take care of it.

The Kilimanjaro park authorities do a fantastic job keeping the mountain relatively clean and litter-free especially given the number of visitors it receives. After seeing the stunning landscapes of Mount Kilimanjaro, your desire protect all habitats will be stronger.

3. Improve Your Health and Fitness

While training for Kilimanjaro, almost automatically you become a healthier, fitter person.

High altitude trekking requires a certain level of physical capabilities. During the months leading up to your trip, you will have built strength and endurance from exercising in the gym or climbing local peaks. In addition, you’ve made positive changes in your activity, diet and sleep. If you can maintain these habits, you certainly will have the components to live a better quality of life.

4. Create New Friendships

Adventure travelers are an awesome breed of people.

By the mere fact that they are attempting to climb a Seven Summit, you know that they’re optimistic, strong and courageous go getters. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that you’re going to clique with the fellow climbers that you meet.

Many of our clients make life long friends along the way to the top.

5. Kickstart Your Hiking Past Time

Not all of the people who climb Kilimanjaro were outdoorsy folk before there expedition. But many become regular hikers and backpackers after the experience.

Mountains have a magic to them. Maybe it’s the serenity we feel when immersed in their grandeur. Or maybe it is because they make us feel so small. Whatever the reason, problems in your life seem to just dissolve when you are there and Mount Kilimanjaro might be the catalyst to keep you going back to the nature.

6. Appreciate What You Have

Being on an alpine expedition teaches us not to take things for granted.

Often, our minds run around unchecked, either waiting for a better future or regretting the past. But when climbing Kilimanjaro, we’re in the moment. Suddenly we can appreciate just having the basic necessities of water, food, shelter, and clothing.

On the mountain, we can’t bring everything. So we make due with what we have and we find that it is enough. Mountain life is in no way as comfortable or luxurious as everyday life, but we make it work. Back at home, with the same mindset, everything seems easier and we are grateful for it.

7. Teach You Positivity and Persistence

Climbing Kilimanjaro is not easy.

The journey to the top might be the most exhausting and hardest thing you ever do. Not only due to the physical strain, but also the mental fatigue. You will be tested. But step by step, with the help of our guides and your teammates, you keep at it. And when you reach the summit, you realize you can do anything you set your mind to.

The confidence that comes with accomplishing a goal is immeasurable. You learn that if you stay positive and persistent, anything is possible. And you look forward to more challenges to come.


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