Why We Use Stella Maris Lodge

Did you know that your stay at Stella Maris Lodge helps pay for the operation of the adjacent Stella Maris Primary School? All income goes towards the education of orphaned and underprivileged children. We encourage everyone to meet the children. They love visitors!

The Lodge and the adjacent Stella Maris English-Medium Primary School were built by the people of Mailisita in partnership with the Mailisita Foundation – a US-based orphan and vulnerable child relief organization. The income from the Lodge goes exclusively to paying the teachers and buying food for the children. So not only is the Stella Maris a beautiful place to relax, but your stay directly helps the underpriviliged children of the local village. You can hear their happy songs while enjoying your morning fresh-brewed Kilimanjaro coffee!

Here are a couple videos one of our clients created of his visits to Stella Maris Lodge. Give them a watch!