Why We Outfit Our Kilimanjaro Guides

When you climb Kilimanjaro with us, you will notice that our guides stand out. Now, they stand out because they are exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable as professional mountain guides. They have to be to get you safely up and down the mountain.

But they also stand out because of their royal blue Ultimate Kilimanjaro uniforms. The vibrant color pops against the muted earth tones of the environment. It is clear when there is another Ultimate Kilimanjaro team around. They are very visible and identifiable on the mountain by our customers and their peers. And it reinforces to our guides that they are part of a team.

Unlike other operators who do not bother outfitting their crew, we make sure our guides are dressed appropriately for the elements. How could we hammer the importance of our gear list to our clients if we do not make the same effort with our guides?

We provide our staff with high quality technical gear so they stay warm, dry and comfortable while on expeditions. We only use name brands. We feel it is meaningful for guides to have the same quality gear and equipment that a client would be familiar with.

The items we provide (cap, hat, softshell, hardshell, fleece, shirts, neck gaiters, backpack covers) are the guides’ personal outfits. They wear and care for the same set on the mountain on every expedition and take them home while they are off duty. The items are replaced regularly as they get worn.

With the outfits, our guides always look and feel good on Kilimanjaro. And we know when people feel good, they are happier in general and perform better as well.