What Happens to the Group if Someone Can’t Continue?

Ultimate Kilimanjaro® group climbs are usually filled to capacity, 16 participants. Of these 16, on any given climb, it is common that one or two people will not be able to reach the summit for one reason or another. This can be due to altitude sickness, exhaustion, blisters, cold, or a variety of other matters.

We often get asked what happens to the rest of the trekking party when this occurs. Specifically, people ask whether they must also discontinue their climb if another member of the trekking party turns around.  The answer is absolutely not!

Each climb we lead is fully supported. Each group will have a lead guide, a number of assistant guides depending on the party size, and summit porters – all of whom are able to escort climbers down.  In fact, when we depart for the summit, our typical protocol is to have one staff member per two clients, or more. Not all companies will have this high guide to climber ratio.

Therefore, when a climber cannot continue the ascent, one of our crew will accompany him or her down while the lead guide takes the group to the next destination.  The remaining party is unaffected and continues their climb as scheduled.

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