Can You Recommend a Duffel Bag for Kilimanjaro?

We often get asked for recommendations on gear items. There are a myriad of quality brands and products, so what you ultimately find visually appealing, functional and economical is a personal choice. However, we would like to point out specific products that we find outstanding.

While climbers are responsible for carrying a daypack during their trek, our porters will carry their other belongings from campsite to campsite.

These belongings should be stored inside a duffel bag. You want to be sure to use plastic bags to separate and waterproof your gear.

It is not necessary to purchase an expensive duffel bag for this purpose.

The Mountain Hardwear Lightweight Expedition Duffel bag is stowable, lightweight and compact. Made of highly durable nylon, this duffel has 3,150 cubic inches of space (52L), a perfect size for climbing Kilimanjaro. The duffel bag retails for $70.

Mountain Hardwear Lightweight Expedition Duffel – Small