Climb Kilimanjaro on the new Northern Circuit Route

Ultimate Kilimanjaro is now offering the newest, most exciting route on Kilimanjaro — the Northern Circuit route.

The Northern Circuit route traverses nearly the entire mountain around the quiet, rarely visited northern slopes. No other route on Kilimanjaro ventures into these areas, giving trekkers a feeling of true wilderness. The route is very scenic, offering beautiful views throughout the climb and spectacular vistas almost a full 360 degrees around the mountain. Additionally, as the longest route on Kilimanjaro, the Northern Circuit has the longest acclimatization time, giving you the highest chance of reaching the summit successfully.

Northern Route Map

With a high success rate, incredible varied scenery and a very low number of visitors, the Northern Circuit route is certainly one of the best routes on Kilimanjaro.

Read more at: http://www.ultimatekilimanjaro.com/northern_circuit_route.htm


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