Can You Recommend Boots for Climbing Kilimanjaro?

We often get asked for recommendations on gear items. There are a myriad of quality brands and products, so what you ultimately find visually appealing, functional and economical is a personal choice.  However, we would like to point out specific products that we find outstanding.


Boots used on Mount Kilimanjaro should be warm, waterproof and comfortable. And for these characteristics, we find that the Asolo TPS 520 GTX Hiking Boot is a top performer. These heavy duty boots are high cut, constructed of full grain leather, and have a breathable Gore-Tex membrane.  Many rave about the comfort of these boots, right out of the box.  However, always break in your boots before using them for extended periods of time.

These boots retail for $295.

Asolo TPS 520  Hiking Boots – Men’s