ATTENTION: Microspikes Recommended for June-August 2018 Climbs

Mount Kilimanjaro currently has an excessive amount of ice near the summit. The ice exists from just below the crater rim until the summit. This encompasses Gilman’s Point (18,600 feet) and Stella Point (18,885 feet) up to Uhuru Point (19,345 feet).

For your safety, we recommend that our clients who have climbing dates from June through August 2018  bring microspikes or similar spike/chain devices. Microspikes will prevent slipping on the ice.

The top part is made of rubber which stretches over hiking shoes or boots and secures the device in place. The bottom part is made of chains and spikes, which grip onto ice.

If you have crampons, you may bring these instead of microspikes. However, microspikes are sufficient.

You can purchase Kahtoola Microspikes online for about $70 at outdoor goods stores like or Microspikes are generally not available at rental shops in country, so bring them from home.

We do not yet know what the trail conditions will be after August. We will monitor the situation and report whether microspikes are recommended for climbing dates beyond August.

AUGUST 31, 2018 UPDATE: Icy conditions on the Kilimanjaro summit have improved to the point where microspikes are NOT required any longer. Just pack your trekking boots and you are set.