Feb 062012

Ultimate Kilimanjaro specializes in private climbs, but we offer group climbs on Kilimanjaro, which are perfect for solo travelers and pairs who want the companionship of others on their long journey.

We keep our groups limited to 12 people. This way our clients can have a meaningful social experience on the mountain by getting to know your fellow party members, while at the same time our guides can manage the party effectively. With 12 people, we staff the climb with 5 guides to make sure there are enough eyes and ears to monitor everyone in the group.

Below is a photo of another company’s group climb (NOT ours!) near Kibo Hut. Large parties like this are not all that uncommon on Mount Kilimanjaro, unfortunately. Unbelievably, that is a 35 person party, of which only four are guides.  We fail to see the fun in having such a crowd with you on every step of the way.

kili group climb