Dec 102010

Former tennis star Martina Navratilova was hospitalized after he attempt to climb Kilimanjaro was cut short when she experienced high-altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE), a potentially fatal form of altitude sickness.  HAPE is a dangerous build-up of fluid in the lungs.

Navratilova, 54, was climbing a variation of the 7 day Rongai route as part of a charity climb consisting of 27 team members.  From her blog, it appears that she had complications beginning  on day four, when the group camped at Horombo Huts (3,700 m/12,200 ft).   She was escorted down the mountain and taken to Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre for treatment.  As a precaution, she was flown to Nairobi Hospital for further tests.

The primary treatment for HAPE is descent, and Navratilova is said to be recovering well.> on December 6, 2010 in Arusha, Tanzania.